Swimming Pool

Pool Installation

We specialize in custom vinyl lined swimming pools, standing behind their longevity, versatility and value

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Vinyl Liner Replacements & Renos

Time to replace the old, faded liner? We custom measure to fit any size and shape of pool

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Power & Safety Covers

The standard solar bubble cover serves its purpose of retaining heat and chemicals, however when you add safety into the equation you need to look at different options

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Equipment Repair & Replacement

We can repair or replace any make or model of pool equipment

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Openings & Closings

Let us get your swimming pool up and running in the spring or safely put to sleep in the winter

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Swimming Pool Installations

We specialize in Custom Vinyl Lined Swimming Pools, standing behind their longevity, versatility and value. These days vinyl lined pools are not only available in standard shapes but can be custom designed to appeal to everyone’s application and imagination. Our team makes up one of the most experienced Kelowna pool installation companies, and we believe in going beyond the norm of the standard Kelowna pool installation – we commonly install unique features, such as swim up benches, waterfalls, diving rocks, and underwater stainless steel bar stools.

We can help you create anything from a large, fun, family pool to an exercise pool or a small plunge pool, or design a pool with elements of them all. Another unique option is to incorporate a swim current system such as the “Infinity Pools” system. Before the pool installation itself, we take the time to listen to your ideas, helping you design an outdoor environment equipt for your family’s fun, exercise, and entertainment. Suitable shape, size, features, and location are very important, but our pool builders know proximity to the kitchen, washrooms and of course exposure to the sun, shade, and wind are equally so.

As a company dedicated to your satisfaction, the planning and design is the most important step of any project. Listening to your ideas, we will contribute suggestions to the plan or, if necessary, bring in additional professionals such as designers or architects to ensure the project meets your satisfaction. We are sticklers for detail and strive to provide a flawless finished product. We will work with any budget and enjoy providing choices and options to suit each budget, ensuring it suits your unique ideas. We will choose the highest quality products within the budget, always making quality service our priority.

We are an eco-friendly company, using products and construction techniques to ensure your project is energy efficient and conserves resources, while striving to minimize the impact on the surrounding environment. Whenever possible we use or recommend local and/or recycled products, along with recycling and/or reusing materials whenever feasible, keeping as much waste out of the landfill as possible. Our team is dedicated to a clean workspace, ensuring our job sites are left in better condition than when we started.

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We excavate our pool sites ourselves, ensuring proper location, elevations, and soil conditions. Our Kelowna pool builders have the knowledge and experience to ensure the installation of the structural components will meet or exceed manufacturer’s standards – providing you with the strongest, most stable of pools. The pool water circulation system will be designed considering your pool size, shape, and features, making sure to install the most efficient system. Another aspect of our design process is considering the location of equipment relative to the pool, keeping in mind the amount of use the equipment will get while minimizing the impact on the surrounding environment.

Pool installation is so much more than installing the pool itself; the pool decking is only one other component, but it must be designed as spacious and functional while enhancing the pool's shape and features. We know how essential equipment location is as a factor in the project, and our team will find the best location and layout to make it functional, efficient, and aesthetically appealing.

Founder Norm Kneller has over 35 years experience in the swimming pool business in Western Canada, working with concrete, vinyl and fiberglass pools, and hot tubs. With Norm at the head of a hardworking, knowledgeable crew it is easy to see how we are a trusted source for Kelowna pool construction. He has created hundreds of backyard retreats, each one unique and personally designed to mesh with the family’s lifestyle. He started in the trenches as a labourer and over the years has taken many courses and seminars, becoming one of the very first National Spa & Pool Institute’s “Certified Building Professionals” in Western Canada, who now takes great pride in helping people design their very own backyard oasis.

Constantly keeping up to date on new technology & innovations in the industry, you can feel comfortable asking him about features like in-floor cleaning, salt water sanitizing systems, remote controls, waterfalls or LED lighting. When it comes to pool installation Norm believes the only limitation you have is your own imagination.

Swimming Pool Vinyl Liner Replacements & Renovations

Time to Replace the old, faded liner? We custom measure to fit any size and shape of pool and guarantee the fit of the new pool liner. There are so many patterns to choose from, you will enjoy a brand new look for years to come. This is also a great time to update the coping, or consider other renovations to bring new life to the surrounding area.



Swimming Pool Power & Safety Covers

The standard solar bubble cover serves its purpose of retaining heat and chemicals, however when you add safety into the equation you need to look at different options. Power covers and safety covers not only add protection for the young ones in your life but also keep pets and wildlife safe and dry, while helping to protect your investment. There are many benefits to power covers in the summer months, including using them as safety barriers, maintaining a clean pool, retaining heat and chemicals, and minimizing evaporation.

Contrary to common belief, power covers can be installed on most existing pools; not just on new pool installations. Mesh safety covers can be used year-round, but are more commonly used as an ultra-safe winter cover as they are anchored securely to your deck, fitting most pool shapes. We have plenty of experience with the installation and service of any make of power cover or safety cover, just ask to determine what options are right for you. 




Swimming Pool Equipment Repair & Replacement

We have the knowledge and expertise to repair or replace any make or model of pool equipment. From pumps, filters, and heaters to chlorine generators or electronic control systems, our team will take care of your current system or install a new one. We will take the time to assess your entire system, sizing replacement pieces adequately to ensure your updated system is running efficiently. 



Swimming Pool Opening & Closings

We have years of experience to get your swimming pool up and running in the spring or safely put to sleep in time for winter. Ask us about some simple tips to make your Kelowna pool maintenance carefree. When winterizing there are key steps to follow to make sure your pool remains trouble free for the following season.

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