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If your basement is unfinished, or if it iss time to reinvent your family’s needs, we can help you design and create a new, comfortable, living space using all available areas efficiently.  We are your Kelowna basement renovation experts and we can help you explore the endless possibilities of what your basement could look like – limited only by your budget and creativity. A snapshot of what basement renovation options can include is a wet bar, media room or games room.  Another great basement option is a personalized exercise room with specialized impact-resistant flooring.

Your needs may be more practical, such as a basement renovation to create a simple home office, another bedroom or two, or simply more storage space. Many Kelowna lifestyles are relaxed, active, and social, so when completing a basement renovation we consult you to determine a renovation option ideal for your lifestyle; along with providing you with a free estimate of the cost for your new basement.

Our goal is to come up with a basement renovation package unique to personal ideas with a cost that works for your individual needs.

Dining Rooms, Living Rooms, Great Rooms

These rooms are an important part of both family time and entertaining.  Whether you want them designed for regular day to day use, or as a more hands off area for special occasions we can plan accordingly.  Your specific goals will help determine the proper design and features that can be incorporated.  Our team will assist you in making this part of your home functional, while portraying your unique lifestyle.



The Master Bedroom can be a simple, comfortable space designed for optimum sleep, or it can be taken as far as a complete living space you could spend an entire day in. Features such as integrated entertainment systems and partial kitchens, along with en suite bathrooms and walk in closets can change the dynamic of your personal space.  Family bedrooms and guest rooms each have their individual amenities that need to be considered, but regardless of what you choose for various bedroom styles, priority is always placed on comfort and serenity to provide a safe, restful sleep.

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Saunas & Steam Baths

Coming home after the work day and relaxing in a sauna or steam bath is not only a great way to end the day, but has proven health benefits!  Whether it’s a Dry Sauna, Infrared Sauna, or Steam Bath, you choose, any option is a healthful and relaxing addition to your home.  From a simple package to a custom designed installation we will incorperate your ideas and work within your budget to create the perfect sauna for you to come home to!

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