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We are experienced in creating space in the smallest of powder rooms and completing a renovation to bring new life to your simple bathroom, or even transforming it into an amazing en-suite.  A bathroom should be safe, functional and comfortable, taking into account your own daily essentials. From a conservative modern update to a fully tiled shower with frameless glass, granite countertops, and custom cabinetry, we look forward to turning your visions into a reality.

We can help you re-think the use of space in your bathroom remodel, and point you in the right direction when picking out your favourite fixtures. If you are looking for a little extra guidance we are more then happy to help you shop for features, ensuring what you choose will work within your space.

Bathroom Renovation Options

Knowing all your options is essential to designing a bathroom remodel right for you. From mirrors to tiling, not to mention light fixtures, the possibilities are endless. Tiling can be used to cover the entire bathroom, both walls and floors, or limited to just a section; even just the shower. Laminate is another durable option for your bathroom floor, and with so many patterns and styles available, it is hard to go wrong. Countertops add both a complete look to a bathroom and years on to its functionality, so it’s important to consider both style and quality when making this decision. 

Will it be granite, quartz, tile, or a solid surface material that completes your bathroom? Further options for remodeling your bathroom involve completely re-designing the space; altering bathtub and shower locations, or removing a wall to open up a cramped space. As far as bathroom renovations go, our team is aware of all the possibilities, and we want to make sure you are too.

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Custom Designs

Every family is unique, and just like the home they live in is built around their needs, the bathroom should be too. With Rafter4K at the head of your bathroom renovations, you get the liberty of a custom design service; essentially a design-your-own-bathroom option. We begin with an outline of necessities in regards to improving safety and functionality, but from there the choices are yours.

Bathroom Renovations FAQ

"Remodel" and "renovation" are essentially synonyms of one another, and therefore can be used interchangeably when describing projects that involve any restoration, re-creation, redesign, or modernization of a space. 

The time it takes to complete a bathroom remodel/renovation has a lot to do with the specifics of the project; for example, a bathroom including a shower that has intricate tile work will take longer than a bathroom with a standard tub installation. The time could vary between a week for a very basic bathroom to a month or more for a custom build. 

While the best type of flooring for a bathroom depends on both the space and your vision for it, important considerations are how waterproof it is and its durability. Considering these factors along with cost, the best balance is usually found in either waterproof vinyl, linoleum or ceramic tile.

We will work with you to determine what type of flooring will work best for both your bathroom and your budget! 

The cost of a bathroom renovation will depend on many factors, as a basic renovation to update your bathroom will cost much less than installing features such as a custom steam shower, or custom, high-end cabinets as a part of your renovation.

After discussing your ideas for your bathroom renovation, we would be happy to provide you with a free estimate

Although preparations for every renovation will differ depending on the project, it is always a good idea to have a basic design and style in mind before starting your bathroom project. We can then assist you better with a consultation and complete design. Another thing to consider is having an alternate bathroom available for at least the removal and replacement portion of the renovation.

Starting with your ideas for the space, we work with you from the planning stage through to the finishing touches, managing the materials and sub-trade contractors when necessary.

We would be happy to walk you through the process of a bathroom renovation during a consultation, so you know what to expect every step of the way.

Although there are usually ways to add ventilation to a bathroom, it ultimately depends on the building structure. For example, in an apartment or condo where the bathroom is located more centrally in the unit, there are fewer options to add ventilation than in a house where the bathroom is located on an exterior wall of the house.

While Rafter 4K does not make custom cabinets in house, we do have connections with custom cabinet makers in the Okanagan who we would be happy to bring in as a sub-trade contractor and work with on your project.  

If we were to find mold while working in a bathroom, we would use specific procedures to deal with all the affected areas.  This would involve cleaning the area and removing any affected or damaged drywall and surfaces. Once the mold and affected materials are removed, the area is treated with a professional-grade mold inhibitor before continuing with the renovation. 

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