When it comes to home additions the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.  Our team has the tools for any size project; whether it means removing the roof and redesigning from the foundation up, transforming existing rooms, or a second-floor addition, we can help. Your needs change over time, and you can rest assured your home has the ability to change along with them.

You may be looking to add a room; from an exercise room to an in-law suite, or just more storage, we can assist you in the planning and execution of the transformation.  Adding space to your existing home is a great way to accommodate your changing needs. Consider the options of extending or adding a room, making your kitchen larger, adding a sun room or greenhouse, or changing a carport into a garage when looking to adapt to your lifestyle.

Second floor additions are also an area our team can handle. They provide an excellent option for expansion in residential communities offering limited room to expand horizontally, changing the feel and usage of the entire house.  We have the know-how to work with you from design to completion, allowing you to relax while your Dreams are Under Construction.

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Excavation & Foundations

You may just need a small amount of earth moved, a driveway built, or a building site prepared; no matter the size of the job we have the equipment to complete your excavation.  With a medium sized excavator and bobcat we can handle most smaller, residential projects and we have larger equipment available if necessary.  With years of operating experience we know what it takes to get the job done with as little disruption as possible to the surrounding area.

Foundations are the support system of any building; without a solid foundation you risk dealing with many easily avioded potential problems. Fortunately, our team has the knowledge to not only rectify problems with existing foundations, but create long lasting, solid foundations for new buildings and addition construction.

It’s never a good situation when you have one of the following; cracked foundation, poor moisture barriers, or weeping tile and drainage problems. Any moisture issues or structurally compromised foundations can cause long term damage, so leave it to our team to relieve any stress by correcting these foundation situations. 

Home Additions FAQ

Additions are possible in practically every home, however, each home is different, which makes a home addition unique to that home. We would be happy to discuss your ideas and take a look at your home to go over the possibilities for a home addition that would be the best fit for you. 

Yes, second-floor additions are something our team is well equipped to handle, and have been involved with these over the years.  Second-floor additions are a great option for residential spaces with limited room for horizontal expansion or for adding on additional living space without changing your existing footprint. 

Home additions involve a wide variety of possible changes. From expanding upward a whole floor by removing and changing your roof, to adding on an attached garage or legal suite, or simply pushing a wall out to create a bit more space. Home additions involve both small and large-scale projects and are specific to your home.  

The process of preparing for a home addition will depend on your home, property, and the type of addition you are looking to do. It will be helpful to declutter, clean, and ensure accessibility to both the interior and exterior areas where the addition is planned, as well as noting any necessary safety precautions that may need to be put in place. If it is a large addition where there will be walls and or roof removed then you will need to plan for an alternate living arrangement for a period of time.

The duration of home additions depends on the specifics of each individual project.  A project that requires the removal and changes to rafters and framing will take longer than adding on an additional room.  It will also depend on your existing home and the area around it; as a part of the consultation process, we would be happy to discuss the duration of the project with you. 

Yes, Rafter 4K has both the knowledge and equipment to handle foundation work and have experience working in various geographic regions, therefore, ground material, of the Okanagan Valley.

Considering any project requiring changes to existing buildings such as the removal or replacement of drywall, demolition of walls, and framing changes require a permit, a building permit will be necessary for a home addition. We will work with you as part of the process to ensure the appropriate permit is acquired prior to the project start date. 

Any home addition will add value to both your lifestyle and your home itself. While the return on investment may be different with every home addition, when you work with experienced professionals who know how to blend your addition into both the existing home and the surrounding landscape seamlessly, you can rest assured the value of your home will increase. However, the most important consideration of a home addition is that it works to increase the value of your life within the home!

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