Home Renovations

The exterior of your home is seen by friends, family and all passersby, making it a personal statement in your neighborhood.The natural elements can take their toll on your home and its surroundings, making it important to take care of the outside of your home to protect the inside. You may only need small repairs to siding, trim, roofing, windows and/or doors, or it may be time for a complete home make-over including roofing and a new paint job.

We can also change the look and character with the addition of natural wood and timber or by closing in a carport.  Whatever your exterior needs are we are ready to leave you with a fresh, new, inviting look to come home to.

Residential Project Management

When you entrust Rafter 4K Contracting with the construction management of your home you are not only getting a team who wants to improve where you live, but take care of it too. From the beginning we take your personal situation into account; not only determining the time, cost, and materials necessary, but the people needed to take care of it as well. Our employees are experienced tradesmen in a variety of areas, but if your project requires the expertise of someone outside our staff we have reliable sub-trades we have worked with extensively in the past and uphold the same quailty workmanship we do. At the end of every day we secure your home; making it a clean and safe environment to live in while your project is underway. Your comfort during construction is as important to us as your comfort after, and our construction management experience will give you the peace of mind to relax. 

Doors & Windows

Installing new energy efficient units will save you money in the long run, while providing you with an attractive and comfortable home. Finding the right style of window and door for your personal needs is important to us, and we will help you find the most energy efficient option within your budget.

Our team is competent in the installation of a wide variety of windows and doors and will replace a single door or window, or upgrade your entire home for you. We are also able to create and install them in a new location to brighten a room or provide new access.



New products such as fiber/cement siding can provide you with an aesthetically pleasing look and longevity.  We also install new wood exteriors and we can repair existing siding, including log home refinishing.


Painting & Staining

The paint and stain on your house is an important component in the feeling of your home.  Simply applying a fresh coat of paint to the outside of your home adds years of life, along with an increased value by refreshing your home’s appearance.

Staining offers another aesthetically pleasing option for the wood areas of your home, all while maintaining the natural look and penetrating the natural fibres to last a long time.  We will accomplish these projects with as little disruption to your daily routine as possible.

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& Patios

A Deck is an extension of your home, a living space for relaxation and entertaining. In Kelowna having an outdoor deck is essential; what a better way to enjoy our beautiful surroundings than from the comfort of your deck. Our team is experienced deck and rail builders and know how to create the perfect deck for your individual home and lifestyle.

Outdoor decking can be added to most homes to give you a clean comfortable outdoor environment; what you do with your deck from there is almost limitless.  Decks can be covered for extra protection from the elements, completely enclosed, or have partial shade incorporated such as an awning.  There are many material options, from natural wood to composite decking, which our deck builders can discuss with you to determine the best fit. You have various railing choices to either create privacy or enhance the view from your deck. Some of the features you can include on your deck are heaters, a gate to keep pets out and kids in, or bar space built into the railing for extra eating room; features incorporated to enhance your outdoor deck experience.

The choices are yours to create an outside living space with your personal character. Another area our deck builders are experienced in is deck repairs. All things wear down over time, and if your deck is looking a little tired we have the ability to bring it new life however you desire. Basic safety is our first concern with an older deck, but once that has been assessed the outdoor decking can be repaired, refinished, or altered completely to suit your current needs.

Patios are a beautiful addition to any outdoor living space that can be incorporated nearly anywhere due to their versatile options.  Everything from elevated wood structures to concrete patios or other unique materials are possible.  Fitting a patio into your outdoor living area is not a problem as they can be any shape and size while keeping your comfort and privacy in mind.

Personalizing your patio is also possible; consider one of the many accessories that we have the ability to incorporate into your design; outdoor kitchens, barbeques, fire pits, and entertainment systems.


Garden Boxes

Garden boxes are both an aesthetic and functional addition to the exterior of your home, and the options for incorporating them into your space are nearly endless. Whether you are looking for a smaller design to fit on your patio or larger boxes that tie into the Kelowna landscape, our team can customize garden boxes to suit your needs. Protecting both your plants from bugs and your back from aching better than traditional gardens, garden boxes elevate your plants to another level. 

If you are looking to grow plants more sensitive to our Okanagan weather or install a dirt-free hydroponic system we also have the ability to construct or renovate greenhouses custom to your backyard gardening needs.

& Gazebos

Whether it’s that Kelowna summer sun that keeps you from enjoying the outdoors, or you want a private area to relax, a gazebo is the perfect solution.  Acting as both a visual and sound privacy barrier, gazebos offer you a comfortable way to enjoy your outdoor living space, even in more crowded residential areas.  Gazebos provide you with a shaded area in the summer perfect for either entertaining or simply escaping the heat.  The many options available regarding size, shape, and building material allows you to design a gazebo that matches your individual needs.

Pergolas can add aesthetics and shade to decks, walkways, and gardens. They can be built for privacy purposes, or with more of an open design to increase visual appeal.  There is so much variety of design, purpose and layout for these types of projects that we find it is best to work closely with you and create a plan to satisfies your personal desires.

Construction Management

Rafter 4K Contracting Ltd. has established themselves over the past 25 years as a specialist in Project Management in the Okanagan Valley. This comes with the discipline of; planning, costing, organizing, timing, motivating and controlling resources to achieve specific goals. We understand the necessity of managing the goals of the project to complete it while honouring any possible constraints. Common constraints are time, quality, and budget; our team considers all three equally important, as overall satisfaction is key to any successful project experience. Management of any construction or renovation project can be stressful and frustrating. We have the experience to organize various trades, while keeping an open line of communication and liaison between the trades and the client to achieve satisfaction when the project is complete.

Exterior FAQ


Exterior renovations encompass anything from small repairs to siding and trim to a whole facelift for your home, re-doing the roofing, windows, doors, and a new paint job or siding. Past exterior projects we have worked on have also involved converting a carport into a full garage and closing in a deck to make it a sunroom. 

To get started on an exterior renovation, simply fill out our contact form, send us an email at info@rafter4k.com, or give us a call at 1-250-765-0856. We are always happy to discuss how we can put your dreams under construction. 

To prepare for an exterior renovation, it may be helpful to clean the area around your home where the project will be taking place and make it as accessible as possible to reduce the costs associated with this step of the renovation. If there are any unsafe areas on your property, you may also be required to install temporary fencing, so it is a good idea to be aware of these beforehand. 

The process of renovating the exterior of a building depends on the building and the specifics of what you hope to accomplish with your renovation. During our consultation and estimating process, we would be happy to go over the process specific to your project with you. 

The exterior of your home is not only seen by all those who pass by, but it is also what protects the inside of the home.  The exterior walls provide the strength, but also things like the vapour barrier, insulation factor and much of the electrical work for your home.  Therefore, it is important to hire a professional that has the knowledge of measures necessary to protect the inside of your home during the renovation process and the experience to ensure the work done will meet building codes and protect your home for a long time afterwards. 

In most cases, you will not need to leave your home while exterior renovations are happening. The only circumstances that might require you to leave your home are in cases where it may be unsafe to remain inside, such as if we are completing a teardown of part of the home, or completely re-doing the roofing. During the consultation process, we will determine whether it might be necessary for you to leave your home at any point in the renovation. 

Yes, our team has the skillset and experience to tackle exterior painting jobs, although we would generally only take this on alongside a renovation project. If it is just painting you are looking for, we would likely recommend you to an exclusive painting company.

The time it takes to complete an exterior paint job varies based on the size of the area we are painting, and the level of detail involved based; different colours for the trim, the type of siding, and any repairs or refinishing may change the time an exterior paint job takes.  

This is not likely, as we do not tend to stock materials due to varying client choices. We have processes involved with sourcing materials and supplies for projects. Additionally, we must ensure materials meet building and safety codes. 

Yes, we work on exterior projects year-round, knowing that there is the possibility of some weather-related delays. 

If openings exist in your home envelope during an exterior renovation, such as when windows are removed, we will provide protection such as hoarding to shield your home to the best of our abilities. 

The way we protect the inside of the home depends on the type and extent of the exterior renovation. However, we have proven damage prevention methods in place and would be responsible for any damages that occurred as a result of improper protective measures. 

Old materials that are left over from your home will be disposed of in the most environmentally sound way possible. Whether it can be easily recycled, reused, or is a material that needs more care for disposal, we will ensure it is taken care of in a way that has the least amount of environmental impact.  

Yes, we clean up our job sites regularly during the process of the renovation, and following completion.



We generally replace doors as a part of a larger project. If you are just looking for door replacement, we suggest you contact a company that specializes in door installation. 

Yes, we can add an exterior door to your house. 

If we are just replacing existing doors in your home, then no permit is required for the door installation. If we are adding an exterior door to your home, then a permit would be required, as adding an exterior door involves structural changes. 



Yes, as the general contractor on our projects, we will handle any window installations and replacements involved in the job. 

How often you should replace your windows depends on a few factors, including the material of the windows themselves and the condition of the walls surrounding them. An average provided by many manufacturers is 25 years, but the life of your windows can vary greatly. If you are wondering whether it is time for a replacement, we would be happy to consult with you to determine if a replacement is necessary or if repair is an option.   

No, we would recommend you contact a company that specializes in glass and/or windows. 

The windows we use on a project are generally the choice of the client and therefore change depending on the specifics of the renovation.  We have a couple manufacturers that we can suggest during a consultation if you are unsure.



Usually, the best time to have siding renovated is somewhere between spring and fall; however, it depends on the type of siding you are hoping to install. For example, painted siding is best installed during the spring or fall, as the summer months may be too hot to complete a quality paint job. 

To answer this, your siding would have to be inspected to determine its integrity. We would be happy to inspect it and provide a free estimate if your siding were to need replacing. 

Siding is the material used on the exterior to clad and cover the walls of a home, garage, shop, or any other residential-style building to protect both the walls of the building and the contents within, along with providing an attractive exterior appearance. There are many types of siding you can choose from with varying associated costs and longevity.

The amount you should estimate for siding replacement depends on both the area of siding you are looking to replace and the type of siding you are hoping to use in your exterior renovation as certain types of siding are more expensive than others. We would be happy to discuss your plans for your project to give you an estimate of what siding replacement may cost for your home. 

Yes, we have the ability to install insulated siding. 

There are many different materials that can be used for siding from wood to vinyl to Hardie board. We have experience working with many different types of siding materials, including composite fibre-cement, vinyl, stucco, stone and brick, metal, and wood. 



Yes, our team has the skills and experience to complete roofing installations. In the case where the installation requires a bigger team or a more specific skill set, we are happy to work with one of our trusted sub-trade roofing specialists to complete the roofing installation. 

This depends on the type of roof and the condition of the existing roof. The lifespan of some roofing materials is an average of 15 years, while other materials have a lifespan of up to 40 years. We would be happy to inspect your roof to determine if it needs to be replaced and provide you with a free estimate if necessary. 

The time for a roof replacement depends on the existing roof and the materials being used for the replacement roof. As a general rule, roof replacements take a minimum of two days to complete. 

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