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Commercial projects require a different approach than residential projects. When taking on the construction management of a commercial project we begin by sitting down with you and determining the unique specifications of your project or improvement.

From dry walling to electrical our team is able to take care of your project from start to finish; whether it is one of our employees or one of our trusted sub-trades taking on a certain part of the construction, the job will be completed to our standard of work. Our construction management will allow you to rest assured everything has been taken care of, no matter what the project entails.


Commercial Project and Leasehold Improvement Management


We have the knowledge and expertise to accommodate commercial clients, both in retail and industrial areas.  Capable of handling all aspects, from planning, drawings, engineering, and permits through to completion, we will facilitate leasehold improvements including new offices, a mezzanine, washrooms, a showroom, equipment installation, flooring work or repairs, and renovations to existing infrastructure.

We understand how disrupting this work can be for employees and clientele alike, so we are more than willing to accommodate by performing our work after your hours of operation as necessary.

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Commercial Construction Management

Rafter 4K Contracting Ltd. has established themselves over the past 25 years as a specialist in Project Management in the Okanagan Valley. This comes with the discipline of; planning, costing, organizing, timing, motivating and controlling resources to achieve specific goals. We understand the necessity of managing the goals of the project to complete it while honouring any possible constraints. Common constraints are time, quality, and budget; our team considers all three equally important, as overall satisfaction is key to any successful project experience.

Management of any construction or renovation project can be stressful and frustrating. We have the experience to organize various trades, while keeping an open line of communication and liaison between the trades and the client to achieve satisfaction when the project is complete.

Commercial FAQ

Basically, Project Managers are like the driver of a bus - making sure that everyone who is supposed to be, is on board, and that you are all headed in the same direction (and that your tank is full!). Project Managers save you time so you can focus on your business goals, keep your project on time and on budget, and mitigate any problems that arise.

When you hire Rafter 4K Contracting as your commercial renovation project manager, you are providing yourself with the reassurance that the project will run smoothly, on time and within budget. Rafter 4K has decades of experience knowing that it takes consistent communication and attention to detail to make sure everything comes together according to plan. We are on-site daily as, unlike many contractors, we have our own reliable staff and complement that with longstanding, proven subtrades.

When you hire Rafter 4K Contracting as your commercial renovation project manager, we are there to help you with your permit applications, whether you want to apply for them yourself or have us take care of it as part of the contract package.

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