Pool houses are an appealing accessory building, adding functionality to both your home and pool in Kelowna. At their most basic, pool houses range from simple storage sheds that protect the equipment keeping your pool running to cabanas for changing and some sun protection. From here, there are any number of options. Not only can your pool house store your equipment, but it can contain a sauna, an entertainment system, an outdoor kitchen, showers, and more.

When it comes to basic storage solutions, pool houses extend the life of your pool equipment, saving you money and time in the long run. If you have kids and pets that spend time outside enjoying your pool with you, what might be more important is that an accessory building such as a pool house allows you to safely store the chemicals needed to maintain your pool. Not only are pool chemicals hazardous to people and pets, but they might not be the best for your garden either, so making sure you have a safe place to store them helps you relax by your pool with peace of mind. 

Beyond the Basics

Beyond the basics, a changing area, outdoor shower, and poolside kitchen help you keep the party on the pool deck! Nothing beats sharing your pool with friends on a hot Okanagan summer day, so why not build a pool house so you never have to go inside? A pool house helps keep everything you need in one place, while making sure your house stays clean and dry. And on those early spring or late summer evenings where it’s too cold to swim, incorporating a sauna into your pool house allows you to enjoy your backyard every season.

Built to suit your taste, these accessory buildings can be simple or luxurious. With choices such as timber frame or modern architecture, your pool house can match your home or have a unique design of its own. We are committed to using sustainable, economical products, and have the ability to include technologies such as solar to make the most of the Kelowna sunshine. Our team will work with you to build the best backyard oasis for you, no matter your budget.

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