& Garden Boxes

Whether you’re an avid gardener already or a beginner wanting to try out your green thumb, greenhouses and garden boxes are two functional additions to your backyard. It doesn’t matter if your Kelowna backyard is a quarter of an acre or more than ten, greenhouses and garden boxes can be incorporated into any backyard space. These simple changes to your backyard allow you to eat home grown, fresh produce every day of the week without having to make another trip to the store. From tomatoes to potatoes, vegetables aren’t boring when you grow them right in your very own backyard!

Greenhouse Options

Greenhouses magnify the sun and extend our Okanagan growing season by creating a warmer, frost free area earlier in the spring and maintaining this warmth later into the fall. A greenhouse protects your plants from the wind, rain, and bugs and pests (including those pesky deer!) to provide a consistent, controlled environment where you can garden no matter the conditions.

Our team has the ability to construct both custom and standard greenhouse structures and interior systems based on either traditional dirt or dirt-free hydroponic growing mediums. The design can be standard and simple or we would be happy to incorporate any custom features to suit your gardening needs, including shade protection and irrigation systems. If you have an old greenhouse that needs a renovation, or want to convert from one method to the other, our team has the experience to help your gardening dreams flourish.


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Garden Boxes

Garden boxes are both an aesthetic and functional addition to the exterior of your home, and the options for incorporating them into your space are nearly endless. Whether you are looking for a smaller design to fit on your patio or larger, more permanent, boxes that tie into the landscape of the Okanagan, our team can customize garden boxes to suit your needs. Protecting both your plants from bugs and your back from aching more effectively than traditional gardens, garden boxes take your plants to a whole other level.

Something to consider with both greenhouses and garden boxes in Kelowna is irrigation. Simple, efficient, irrigation systems help to make sure your plants continue to thrive even in the heat of the summer sun. Our team has experience installing basic irrigation systems, including hydroponic greenhouse setups, and for bigger projects we have trusted sub-trades we work with to ensure your garden gets the water it needs in the most effective, sustainable way. 

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