Kelowna Garage
& Shop Construction

Whether you need a straightforward garage to protect your vehicle, or a specialized shop to complete your hobbies and projects in, our team is more than capable of getting your Dreams Under Construction. Even if you are just looking for a safe area to park, there is so much more that can go into a garage. How about some custom shelving and a tool wall? Do you also park your bikes in the garage? We can incorporate many creative storage options for bikes as well. If your garage often ends up looking more like a sports room, with ski gear, hockey bags, soccer balls, baseball bats, and other gear for your Okanagan adventures laying everywhere, a great option is to include a specific sports room for storage into your garage.

A shop is a more customized space designed to be worked in, rather than just used for storage. This means shops typically have better insulation and ventilation - including air conditioning - while also being more customized to suit your specific needs. We have experience building basic to full size commercial shops, with wood frame or steel frame structures. With a shop, we take into account any and all infrastructure you may require, such as washrooms, offices, vehicle and equipment hoists or cranes, carpentry equipment, tool storage, vacuum systems, and more, to make your garage as practical and ready to use as possible.

If you are not sure whether you need a garage or a shop, or your needs fall somewhere in the middle, we are happy to work with you to create a hybrid space that functions as both a garage for storage and a shop for your projects. And no matter what, garages and shops may be functional spaces, but that doesn’t mean they can’t look great too! Be sure to ask us how we can incorporate a more artistic piece into your garage, showcasing your collection of model cars, license plates, or vintage signs.

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