Okanagan Barn
& Stable Construction

Just like humans, not all animals' needs are the same. Depending on both the area you have to work with and the specific needs of your four-legged family members, we can construct a variety of accessory buildings to suit, from a simple shelter protecting them from the Okanagan elements to elaborate kennels or multi-stalled facilities. Put simply, we can construct dreams for animals too. 

Buildings that house your animals require some special considerations, including appropriate ventilation and food storage areas. Along with this, plumbing can be installed for automatic waterers, or maybe a dog wash if you’re more interested in a home kennel. The option of including heated tack rooms and washroom facilities are also something to consider in the construction of these accessory buildings. Finally, if you have any equipment, why not include space to work on it? Keeping your equipment in good shape is an important part of taking care of your animals, so we will consider this when designing your accessory building with you.


What should you build your barn or other animal shelter out of? The two standard options are wood or steel, each with their own pros and cons. A wooden structure provides some natural insulation and climate control as wood absorbs and releases moisture, however they are also more prone to provide a home for bugs and pests. On the other hand, steel structures tend to be less expensive and fire resistant, however they may not be as comfortable for you animals. Our team would be happy to chat with you to help decide what option is right for you and your animals!

Something else to consider when building or renovating a barn or stable is the option of incorporating a suite. These buildings are often built with lots of room in the loft, and converting this area to a cozy living space makes your accessory building dual purpose. These loft spaces may allow for secondary living areas, or are also popular as specialty vacation rentals in the Kelowna area! Whatever you imagine for this area, we are happy to work with you to make your vision a reality.

Sheds & Other Storage

Backyard sheds can be as simple or as detailed as you would like. Maybe you want somewhere to store your gardening supplies or camping gear, or you are thinking as straightforward as a woodshed. If you have a bigger property, incorporating a seacan into your storage shed is an option that both enhances durability and security, while also being water and fireproof. No matter what, designing your storage shed appropriately can help extend its lifespan and make it as functional as possible. Another thing to consider with backyard sheds is building permits. Depending on where you live and the size of your backyard, certain sizes of storage sheds require permits, while others don't. Our team has the knowledge to help you determine if this is something you need to factor into your decision making.

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