Everybody’s needs are different; maybe it is a horse stable, a pool house, or a new garage to house your dream car – accessory buildings are always a welcome addition, adding value to your property and enhancing your lifestyle. These accessory buildings must be functional, properly located, and designed to compliment your home and the surroundings.

Competent in the design and construction of a variety of accessory buildings, we are happy to look at any size project; residential or commercial accessory buildings, from small shelters to large structures, and anything in between. We can take care of every aspect of the project; from design and site preparation through the building construction to the final landscaping.

Garages & Shops

Whether your needs a straightforward garage to protect your vehicle, or a specialized shop to complete your hobbies and projects in, our team is more than able to put your Dreams Under Construction. There are so many options when it comes to a garage; from a basic garage to a full size commercial shop, with wood frame or steel frame structure, we can build them all. We are able to incorporate all necessary infrastructures such as washrooms, offices, vehicle and equipment hoists or cranes to making your garage as practical and ready to use as possible.


Pool Houses

Pool Houses are an appealing accessory building, adding functionality to your pool in Kelowna, while protecting the equipment keeping your pool running. There are many options; from a simple storage shed design to a complete entertainment area with space for both the equipment and storage room, as well as amenities including change facilities, a kitchen, showers, and more. 

Built to suit your taste, these accessory buildings can be basic or unique. With choices such as timber frame or modern architecture, your pool house can match your home or having a unique design of its own.

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From basic storage spaces to complete accessory buildings the type and amount of storage space you may need varies. No matter how big or small, our team has the ability to meet your storage needs and match the building to your residence.


Stables & Barns

Just like humans, not all animal’s needs are the same. Depending on both the area you have to work with and the specific needs of your animals', we can construct a variety of accessory buildings to suit. The option of including tack rooms and specialized feed areas are also available in the construction of these accessory buildings. From a simple shelter protecting them from the elements to elaborate multi stalled facilities, we can construct dreams for animals too. 



Excavation & Foundations

You may just need a small amount of earth moved, a driveway built, or a building site prepared; no matter the size of the job we have the equipment to complete your excavation.  With a medium sized excavator and bobcat we can handle most smaller, residential projects and we have larger equipment available if necessary.  With years of operating experience we know what it takes to get the job done with as little disruption as possible to the surrounding area.

Foundations are the support system of any building; without a solid foundation you risk dealing with many easily avioded potential problems. Fortunately, our team has the knowledge to not only rectify problems with existing foundations, but create long lasting, solid foundations for new buildings and addition construction.

It’s never a good situation when you have one of the following; cracked foundation, poor moisture barriers, or weeping tile and drainage problems. Any moisture issues or structurally compromised foundations can cause long term damage, so leave it to our team to releive any stress by correcting these foundation situations.

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