Best Time To Plan Your New Backyard Swimming Pool? Right Now!

When is the best time to plan your new backyard swimming pool in the Okanagan Valley?  That would be now, in the cooler nights and gray skies of the winter and early spring.  For Okanagan swimming pool builders, it is all too common that as the summer heats up the phone will begin to ring.  The issue is, by that time most reputable swimming pool contractors in the Kelowna area will already be booked for the year.

A swimming pool suited to your family’s desires, anticipated usage, and budget takes appropriate time, thought, discussion, and planning.  There are many different options and variables that can be added or tweaked to make your pool just right for you, maximizing your Okanagan summer enjoyment. Do you want your pool for cooling off in the hot summer sun, providing exercise opportunities, a fun play environment to keep your kids and their friends close by, or are you looking more for a backdrop to the warm Okanagan evenings entertaining your visiting family and friends?  

Each option paints a different picture; a small plunge pool with a pergola-covered comfy couch by a cozy fireplace and outdoor bar may offer a single or retired couple that loves to entertain the perfect spot to come home to. However, a fun space with a diving board and sports net lends itself more to a young family with active kids.

Along with those plans, come the logistics of location, arranging for access, obtaining appropriate permits, and ordering products in plenty of time. This makes sure you are able to enjoy the Okanagan sun from your floaty on the water, rather than watching the excavator puff dust in your hot backyard midsummer while you head back to a crowded Okanagan beach in search of relief.



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