Home Improvement: What’s up with Windows

Home improvements can include adding a sitting area to the front of a bay or bow window.

Home improvements can include adding a sitting area to the front of a bay or bow window.

Round, oval, rectangular, and square. Hinged or sliding. Space adding and energy-efficient. Not only do windows let in natural light and provide warmth, ventilation, and protection from the elements, they come in all manner of shapes, sizes, and styles. Here we look at the different types of windows, how they can be integrated into your home improvement project, and save you money on energy bills.


Windows Styles

If you are looking to replace the old windows in your home, why not get your home renovation contractor to install some of these window options:

  • Bay and bow windows: Both windows protrude from the wall, allowing for extra space in a room. A bay window typically has one central and two side panels, while a bow window has four or five panels all of the same size. The bay window is also more angled, while the bow is curved in structure, creating a round appearance.
  • Awning and casement windows: Typically placed high up on walls or below fixed windows, awning windows are hinged from the top and open from the bottom, while casement windows are hinged at the side and open outward. Both allow for better natural light and ventilation. Casement windows are also among the most popular for sunroom additions, while many choose awning windows when renovating bathrooms.
  • Single and double-hung windows: Also known as sash windows, both are made up of two window panels. A single-hung window features a top panel that is fixed in place while the bottom panel opens by sliding the window up or down or outwards. In comparison, you can open both double-hung window panels.
  • Siding windows: Offering wide-open views and maximum light, sliding windows come in several configurations that allow them to open either on one side or both sides. The panels can also be tilted or lifted out.
  • Skylight windows or solar tubes: Both installed overhead to allow for privacy and harness natural daylight, skylights offer views and can open, while solar tubes are easier to install and are typically more energy efficient.

 hinged skylight

One bathroom renovation idea is to install a hinged skylight.


Energy Efficient Windows

Gone are the days of draughty single-pane windows. Many of today's windows are more energy-efficient as they feature technology and materials that better deflect against UV rays and keep homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer. They are also less likely to condensate and have moisture issues, especially helpful if you're undergoing a kitchen renovation.

To ensure the best energy efficiency, look for windows that have the Energy Star label and contain:

  • Multi-panes and double or triple glazing
  • Low-emissivity (EV) glass and/or reflective coatings
  • Glass spacers that offer vapour barrier and better insulation
  • Quality frame materials such as vinyl or aluminum that reduce heat transfer
  • Fills that contain non-toxic gases such as argon or krypton between the panes 

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