5 Home Office Renovations to Boost Your Productivity

Increase your work productivity with a home office renovation that will transform your space.

Increase your work productivity with a home office renovation that will transform your space.

Statistics show that more than 3.5 million Canadians work from home, including those who are self-employed and those paid by companies. While some believe that working from home requires discipline, you can increase your productivity in the right environment. See how these five home office renovation ideas can help:


home office with window

Make the perfect home office by renovating an attic or underused room in your home.

1. Make the Office Part of Your Existing Space

Renovating an underutilized room in your home as a home office is a great way to

save money and time away from work. Consider hiring an interior contractor to convert a bedroom, attic, basement, or other living space.


home extension office

Consider a home addition with a separate entrance for clients.

2. Extend your Home to Include an Office

A home extension or addition will separate your home life from your work life by giving you more privacy. It can also increase the value of your home.


accessory building

Set up your home-based business or office in a detached garage.

3. Add an Accessory Building 

An accessory building, such as a detached garage, can be designed to accommodate a home-based business that includes a workspace to manufacture goods and store equipment and stock. A general contractor should be able to help with the required permits, site preparation, and design so that the building meets code.


Lacking space? Get your home renovation contractor to design an office nook.

4. Build an Office Nook

For those who don’t have an extra room to spare, a workspace built into an alcove is a simple way to have a home-based office. Save floor space with a folding or roll-up standing desk, with built-in shelving.


Add colour, natural light, and enough storage to make your home workspace more productive.

5. Think about Design and Décor

Designing a home office that is comfortable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing is the best way to boost productivity. Think about including all these elements when decorating your renovated office:

  • Colourful accent wall
  • Natural lighting
  • Storage/shelving
  • Enough grounded outlets for computer equipment
  • Data ports that allow for high-speed Internet access
  • Extra phone line
  • Ergonomic office furniture
  • Sitting area
  • Plants


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