Tips and Tools: How to Research for your Home Renovation Project

Research your home improvement projects by making a checklist of priorities.

Research your home improvement projects by making a checklist of priorities.

Looking to spruce up your home with a kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom, or basement renovation? Research is the best way to plan for any home renovation project , as it will save you time, money, and headaches down the road.  Use our step-by-step guide on what to ask, where to find information, and who seek help from when renovating your house.


1. Set Your Priorities 

When undergoing a home renovation, it's essential not to enter the process without knowing why. Set your priorities by asking:

  • Why do I need to renovate my house?
  • What rooms/spaces need to be renovated first?
  • Is my space too dark? Too cramped? Trapped in the ‘80s? In disrepair?
  • Will the resale value of my home increase if I renovate, or will I save money by moving?


2. Develop a Clear Plan 

Once you’ve discovered why you want or need to renovate, develop a plan by asking: 

  • What can I spend on my home improvement costs?
  • How will the renovation affect my family?
  • Can the renovation take place at any time of year?
  • Who should I hire as a contractor?
  • What are the risks?


3. Look for Examples

One of the best ways to research kitchen, bathroom, basement, or master bedroom renovations is to seek out examples from multiple sources. This includes looking at:

  • Interior design, home builder, and real estate websites
  • Design and home improvement magazines
  • Showhomes and open houses
  •  Retail showrooms 


4. Put Everything Down in Writing

Making a checklist of your priority items, wishes, and goals will give you a clear vision of what you want to be done. You can also provide your list to an experienced renovator who will work with you to develop sketches and give you a range of options that will meet your budget.


5. Ask for an Estimate

Finding the right people to bring your renovation project to life is the next step.

When looking for home renovation contractors in Kelowna, ask what people have to say about them, interview each one, and get an estimate and timeline for your project.


For more tips and tools, read How Long Does it Last: When to Make House Improvements.


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