How to Survive a Home Renovation with Children

Know your kids’ and your contractor’s schedule when going through a home renovation.

Know your kids’ and your contractor’s schedule when going through a home renovation.

Keep calm and carry on may be the motto of the day, but when it comes to a renovation, it can be anything but chaotic, especially if you have young kids. Along with the disruption, a home remodelling project can impact your children’s safety if not tackled properly. Follow these tips provided by our home renovation company on how to prevent accidents and help your kids cope with your reno.


1. Explain the Risks

 With all the hammers banging, power tools drilling, and materials lying underfoot, children's safety can be at risk. Keep young kids out of harm’s way by explaining to them the dangers of entering the room while your home contractors are working. If possible, lock the room being renovated or remove any dangerous equipment and materials when not in use.


2. Tackle One Room at a Time

Tearing down every room in your home at once during an interior renovation is not advisable when young children are present. Instead, work on one room at a time so that kids still have a space to rest, play, use the bathroom, and eat. When undergoing a bathroom renovation to your only bathroom, set up a makeshift bath and wash station, and see about installing a portable toilet. Consider starting your kitchen renovation during the warmer weather months so you can cook and eat outdoors.


3. Think about Timing

Timing is everything when it comes to starting a home restoration project. Think about the best time of the year or time of day to conduct the work. If you have school-age children, try to tackle the noisier job during the weekday when kids are away, or see if your home contractor can work on weekends when you're all able to leave home. Having the work done while on a family vacation is another option, but make sure your contractor knows how to reach you if any emergencies arise.


4. Stick to Your Children’s Schedules

Kids thrive on routine, so when their routines are disrupted, they can become irritable and irrational. Try to stick to regular schedules when going through a renovation. Provide healthy eating and resting times and continue with all extra-curricular activities. Also, get your contractor's calendar so you can prepare when disruptions such as power and water shut-offs happen.


5. Expect Delays

Thinking that your fully renovated kitchen will be completed early will just add to the stress, and children sense the tension. Knowing that unexpected things can happen during a renovation will help you manage your anxiety and keep the peace at home.


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