5 Den & Nook Renovation Projects Perfect for Wintertime

These five home renovation ideas can help you turn that underused nook into something much more functional. 

These five home renovation ideas can help you turn that underused nook into something much more functional. 

Dens and nooks can provide extra space for many different things; however, some homeowners just can’t decide what to do with it. Oftentimes these extra spaces aren’t utilized to their full potential because of this. Whether you’ve got a den that needs repurposing or a nook in need of some remodelling, an interior contractor can help you plan the perfect project to keep you busy and allow you to better enjoy your time indoors this winter season.


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1. Family Games Room

What’s better than a competitive game of Monopoly? A competitive game of Monopoly in a newly renovated den, that’s what! Dedicated spaces for family time are becoming more in demand in today’s world. With the increase of devices and screens, parents are craving more opportunities to bond with their kids. A games room stocked with comfy furniture and board games is a great way to disconnect from daily stressors while reconnecting with loved ones.


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2. A Multifunctional Office Space

If you’ve got a small room or nook in your home that doesn’t seem to have a real purpose to it, transform it into a multifunctional office space. Set up a few desks or a bench that runs the entire length of the space. Sprinkle in a built-in bookshelf or storage cabinets and you’ve got a quiet place to retreat to for homework, work-from-home tasks, or your budding side hustle.


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3. Happy Hour Den

Another use for a den or nook is a cocktail hour corner. A sidebar with ample space for cocktail and wine glasses, wall-mounted shelves and wine racks, and a wine or beverage fridge will really set the space apart. If you’ve got the space, don’t forget to add in some sort of seating area. This will easily become your favourite space to entertain in. 


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4. Cozy Coffee Nook

Hot, steamy beverages are the hallmark of surviving the cold and snow of wintertime. To embellish this winter staple, turn that small nook or wall space into a coffee, tea, and hot chocolate bar. It’s the perfect addition to any kitchen, dining room, or living area. 


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5. A Playful Play Room 

If you’ve got a houseful of littles and you don’t already have a dedicated playroom, consider transforming your den into a room for the kids. Besides reducing the number of toys that clutter your other living spaces, a playroom is a great retreat for kids. It’s also a good way to teach them the importance of independent play.  

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