The Best Home Remodelling Hacks for a Bigger-looking Home

Strategically arranging your furniture can make your room look larger than it really is. 

Strategically arranging your furniture can make your room look larger than it really is. 

While some homeowners still prefer super-sized dwellings, most homeowners are looking for a smaller home with higher quality finishes and furnishings. However, that doesn’t mean these smaller spaces need to feel and look cluttered.

If your small space is feeling a little cramped, try incorporating some of these space-saving hacks into your home remodelling plans:


Create the Illusion of a Bigger Space

There are many ways to achieve tricking the eye and mind into seeing a bigger space than what’s there.


larger space hacks

Hang curtains above the window frames.
When curtains run from ceiling to floor, you’ll effectively maximize ceiling height, fooling the eye into thinking the room is much larger than it is.


sitting area windows

Move furniture a few inches away from the wall.
By floating furniture away from the wall, you’ll be creating the visual of more space.


mirror placement for more space

Strategically place mirrors in areas that reflect lots of natural light.
It’s also a good idea to position a mirror where it will reflect a view into another room too.



wall mounted tv idea


Hang the TV. Ditch the clunky television stand and mount the TV directly to the wall.
You’ll gain a few extra feet of much-needed square footage.


striped accent home

Pick out some striped accent pieces.
While busy patterns can make a space look cramped, stripes will do the opposite. Opt for a striped rug or curtains to maximize their usefulness.


reduce clutter in home

Banish clutter.
A cramped space is a cluttered space. Use the cantaloupe rule: refrain from decorating with pieces that are smaller than a cantaloupe. They’ll make the area feel cluttered.



Renovate to Create More Space

If you want to do more than merely redecorating, these renovations will go a long way in achieving the look and feel of a bigger space. 

crown moulding in bedroom


Install crown moulding. If your home doesn’t feature crown moulding, consider hiring a renovation company to install it for you. Crown moulding pulls the eyes' focus up, which makes the ceiling seem higher.



built in shelving space saving

Build built-in shelving.
While freestanding bookshelves are convenient, they’re not great at making a small space look larger. Instead, hire a contractor to install built-in shelving. Because these shelves are recessed into your walls, you’ll save precious floor space.



light flooring for more space

Replace the dark-hued flooring.
Lighter flooring, like light-coloured paint and furniture, can make any room seem more spacious. If your floors are a dark-colour, it’s probably time to plan a house renovation and swap them out for something that's several shades lighter.



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