7 Design Tips for Better Small Bathroom Renovations

A large mirror can make a cramped half bath feel more spacious. 

A large mirror can make a cramped half bath feel more spacious. 

The powder room is one of the most visited places in the home for both homeowners and their guests. However, these rooms are typically small and can feel cramped. Often, the aesthetic of the room is really simple too.

If you have dreams of a bathroom remodel that makes your small powder room look and feel bigger than it is, these tips are for you.


1. Pick the Right Tile

A large tile can make a small bathroom feel big. Another way to use tile to make the room bigger is by running subway tiles vertically up the wall instead of horizontally. This trick will draw the eye upward, making the wall appear taller and the ceiling higher.


2. Create More Floor Space

A pedestal or floating sink can free up more floor space, giving the room the appearance of being larger. If lack of storage is an issue, consider adding open shelving underneath a floating sink. It still gives the impression of open space while creating a convenient storage solution.


3. Remove the Door

OK, a small bathroom still needs a door, but it doesn’t need a traditional swinging door. Instead, swap it out with a pocket sliding door or a sliding barn door. This trick is especially helpful if the powder room opens to a busy hallway or other narrow space.


4. Embrace Creative Storage Ideas

Vertical space is critical when the necessary floor space isn’t available. Adding stacked open shelving can create additional storage and provide extra space for decorative items. 

For more vertical storage tips, see our previous post: Home Renovation Ideas: 15 Hacks for Vertical Storage.


5. Invest in High-Quality Appliances 

Outfitting a bathroom can be an expensive endeavour; however, small bathrooms that don’t have a shower or tub are a great place to splurge. Because you only require a toilet, sink, and faucet, go big and splurge on that high-end sink and vanity you’ve been eyeing up.


6. Think Outside the… Door

If the powder room is just too small to accommodate the storage needs of the household, venture outside of the bathroom. If you’re able to, add a bookshelf or armoire right next to the door. Here you can store extra towels and other items that are required for you and your guests.


7. The Bolder, the Better

Because of its small size, half bathrooms are the perfect place to try out that bold paint colour you had your eye on. For an even bolder statement, consider adding patterned wallpaper. Just be sure to keep little knick-knacks outside the bathroom if you use a busy, patterned wallpaper. It may overwhelm the space and do the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve.


Are you ready to transform your small half bath into something bigger, better, and bolder? Reach out to the expert renovation contractors in Kelowna. From bathroom remodels to kitchen remodels to constructing accessory buildings, Rafter 4K Contracting does it all.


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