8 Kid-friendly Home Improvements You Need to See

A living room fort could be a cute and creative way to have a reading nook with your kids!

A living room fort could be a cute and creative way to have a reading nook with your kids!

When it comes to dreaming up home renovation ideas, homeowners typically look for ways to improve functionality and make the home look more beautiful. Homeowners will often look for ways to incorporate the needs of the entire family, but it’s rare for renovations to cater exclusively to the smallest members of the family.

If your family has grown in size recently, you may want to consider incorporating some of these personal touches into your renovation plans.


1. Sticky Fingerprint-hiding Kitchen Cabinets

No matter how diligent you are with encouraging your kids to wash their hands, they’ll still manage to get their sticky fingerprints on everything. To combat this, utilize darker kitchen cabinets, especially ones that are lower to the ground. Darker cabinets will cover up the mess until you find some time to wipe them down. 

Dark cabinet tuxedo kitchen

2. Durable Flooring 

It’s no secret that kids of all ages can be hard on certain types of flooring, particularly carpet and hardwood. Carpet is a magnet for spills and hardwood flooring can be easily scratched.

Swap out the carpet in high traffic areas with durable laminate flooring or tile. When you mop up that spilled bowl of cereal and wheel that Cozy Coupe car back outside, you’ll be so glad you renovated.

For a softer flooring alternative, use foam mats or rugs that can be removed or replaced easily.

For more flooring ideas, check out our previous post: The 2019 Home Improvement Flooring Trends to Watch.

Indoor Family Play Room

3. Kid-friendly and Timeless Bathroom Upgrades

If your kids share a bathroom, you may feel inclined to customize it to suit their needs completely. While that’s undoubtedly true, keep in mind that they will grow like weeds. Instead of installing a lowered vanity, install a standard-sized one and add stools.

For the countertop, use quartz instead of granite as it’s much more durable. And if you replace the flooring, use textured porcelain instead of something smoother that can cause slips when wet.

Kids bathroom with step stool

4. Built-in Bunk Beds

Bunk beds never go out of style when it comes to children. Invest in their personal space by building them twin or queen built-in bunk beds. Not only do they look amazing, but they can also be customized to match your child’s unique personality.

Bunk beds for kids

5. Wide Open Spaces

If your home doesn’t follow the open-concept layout, consider knocking down a few walls. An open-concept home allows for easier childminding while working in the kitchen. Your kid will still have the freedom to run and play, and you’ll be able to get supper on the table at a reasonable time.

Beach style open concept living room and kitchen

6.  Under-the-stairs Kid Cubbies

Put that wasted under-stair space to use by carving out a little reading nook or play space. Your kid will love it!

Under stair kid nook

7. An Indoor Tree Fort

Kids love to climb, but when winter rolls around, their climbing options are limited. Instead of watching them scale the furniture and the chandelier, build them an indoor tree fort.

Indoor tree fort for kids

8. An Indoor Slide

With an indoor slide that stretches from the top floor of the home all the way to the main floor dining area, your kid can slide right into mealtime. It’s a super playful trend... and works for adults too!

Indoor slide in kitchen home

Are you ready to incorporate some of these fun and trendy home renovation ideas into your next renovation? Consult with Rafter 4K Contracting first! Our team of professional general contractors can provide free expert consultation and help you determine how you can make your home even more kid-friendly than it already is.


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