Rafter 4K Contracting Celebrates their Team

Rafter 4K Contracting, which has been in business for the past 28 years, attributes its success to highly talented employees 

Rafter 4K Contracting, which has been in business for the past 28 years, attributes its success to highly talented employees 

Considering our time in the Okanagan Valley is nearing three decades, we wanted to acknowledge the people who have been the keys to our success throughout these 27 years. These people are our incredible employees, the individuals who not only take care of your home and pool projects but do it in a way that, over the years, has transformed our company into a community. We have always valued our employees, but understanding how they uniquely contribute to the team has helped us enhance employee engagement, maintaining a positive environment internally.

What does this mean for you? That we are able to keep the costs of our services down as we spend less time and money on recruitment, interviewing, training, and more. Additionally, greater employee retention and engagement means our team has a deeper knowledge of what it takes to ensure both high-quality project management and customer service.

It has been proven that trusted, challenged employees are happier and that happier employees are more productive, better communicators, and dedicated - translating to a consistently positive experience for all involved.



The Crew

Curtis MacMaster

Our foreman and estimator Curtis MacMaster has been with us for 7 years, bringing his friendly demeanour and helpful nature with him every day. Along with being a certified drywall technician, Curtis is an accomplished carpenter and tiler who is eager to improve his surroundings. Although Curtis enjoys getting his hands dirty when hunting, fishing, and camping with friends, his wife Brandi and young son, his work ethic and meticulous nature are second to none, showing in the pride he takes in every project he is a part of. We thank you for your dedication, Curtis!

Curtis MacMaster Foreman and Estimator

William Grant

William Grant has been with the Rafter4K team for 6 years, and over this time we've got the chance to appreciate his passionate yet realistic perspective on things. Bringing a diverse skill set, Will excels at finishing carpentry, framing, and swimming pool construction, along with being one of our experienced painters. His teammates can always expect his radio to be tuned to the country station, and they describe Will as having an incredible eye for detail and our clients appreciate his courteous nature. We thank you for your unique contributions to the team Will!

William Grant Finish Carpentry and Construction

Ky Cardinal

This versatile member of the Rafter4K team has also been with us for over 5 years. Ky Cardinal is a conscientious individual with an infectious smile, always lightening up the job site. Along with being our second experienced painter, Ky’s knowledge in the areas of general and pool construction is invaluable, and his substantial experience makes him reliable on any project. Away from work Ky shares his happy nature with his girlfriend Caitlin and newborn son, also enjoying hiking and a round or two of golf in the Okanagan sun. We thank you for your positivity Ky!

Ky Cardinal Painter and Construction

Devon Maiden

Devon Maiden is the type of person you turn to when you have a question; he has served a wealth of knowledge for the Rafter4K team for over 3 years and is known by his coworkers to always have the information you're looking for. With over 20 years of carpentry experience alongside knowledge of both concrete and wood focused structural building techniques, Devon brings confidence and consistency to the team. Devon also prefers to spend his time away from work outdoors hiking, camping, and fishing, enjoying a home-brewed craft beer at the end of the day. Thank you for your knowledge, Devon!

Devon Maiden Carpenter and Construction

Jason Krushel

As a general labourer on the Rafter4K team for the past two years, Jason Krushel is a quick learner who consistently exceeds expectations in any situation. While Jason is currently excelling at developing his framing skills, he is diligent and reliable no matter the job. Jason’s easy-going personality and sense of humour make him a pleasure to be around, and we’re sure those who spend time with him away from work cheering on the Montreal Canadiens and hiking would agree. Thank you for your hard work, Jason!

Jason Krushel General Labourer

Andrew Occleshaw

Andrew Occleshaw is on his 2nd year with us and is an incredible asset to the team as he brings both a detail-oriented approach to all his work and has a knack for problem-solving, particularly in the realm of renovations. With particular skills in framing and concrete forming, Andrew brings more depth to our team. Andrew might be the type of person who is quiet until you get to know him, but his creative side comes out when playing the drums in his band on the evenings and weekends. We thank you for your creativity, Andrew!

Andrew Occleshaw Framing and Concrete Forming


With much of our core staff all having been with us for over 5 years, and two other members of our team returning due to the positive environment we strive to maintain, it has resulted in a permanent employee turnover rate of 13.5% in the past year compared to the average turnover rate of 25% in small construction businesses. This is a statistic we take pride in and attribute to the individual connections we foster within Rafter4K.

We value involvement with our employees and believe this has been a big key to our success. Check out our recent featured post on Okanagan Edge: Rafter 4K Retains Employees


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