Home Renovation Ideas: 15 Hacks for Vertical Storage

Save space by creating vertical storage solutions with these home renovation ideas. 

Save space by creating vertical storage solutions with these home renovation ideas. 

Take a look around your home. Are your walls bare but your counters full of clutter? That’s not unusual. Many homeowners are faced with storage problems. When organizing home renovations in Kelowna, we’re always asked how homeowners can incorporate more storage without sacrificing space. In fact, we’ve been asked so many times that we’ve mastered the process.

Here’s some of our favourite and most popular storage hacks for utilizing all that wasted vertical space:


Kitchen Renovation Ideas

1. Store spices on hanging spice racks. If you love to cook, chances are you’ve got a lot of spices to store. Hanging or wall-mounted spice racks can keep your spices organized while freeing up some much-desired counter or cupboard space.


2. Install cookbook racks. Just like spices, cookbooks and magazines can take up valuable cupboard and counter space. Install a book/magazine rack on the side of your cupboard, and keep them there instead.


3. Build a mug rack. Mugs are one of those things that people accumulate and collect. Instead of building more cupboards to accommodate the growing storage demands of your beloved mugs, build a mug rack and display them proudly on the wall instead.


4. Install a pegboard… in the kitchen! Pegboards are a great way to store items on a wall. By filling one with your most used kitchen tools, you’ll have easy access while utilizing that vertical space in your kitchen. Don’t like the way it looks? No problem! Install it in the walk-in pantry.


5. Use a magazine file for storing root veggies. These tall storage devices are great for storing vegetables like potatoes and onions in cupboards.


6. File away the cutting boards. A metal file folder is perfect for storing cutting boards. Simply mount it on the inside of a cupboard door, and voila! The cutting boards are easy to access and don’t take up nearly as much space as they used to.


7. Install shelves in cupboards. If your cupboards are deep and you constantly find yourself digging around trying to find items that have been jammed in the back, install some shelving.


Bedroom Renovation Ideas

8. In the kids’ room, install shallow picture ledges on the wall. You can either store books, pictures, or miniature toys on them. It frees up space on the floor or bookshelf and utilizes wall space that otherwise may be empty.


9. Install picture ledges, trim, or crown moulding in your closet. These pieces will act like the perfect ledge to balance high-heeled shoes on. You can also nail in a few hooks for purses to hang from as well.


10. Refurbish old wooden ladders for linen storage. This idea is as trendy right now as it is useful. Linen ladders are a great way to display blankets and towels without taking up closet space.


Bathroom Renovation Ideas

11. In smaller bathrooms or powder rooms, consider installing over-the-toilet shelving or a thin pantry. Here you can store art, towels, make-up remover pads, or anything else you may need in there.


12. Use a tension rod to store cleaners under the sink. If you store bathroom cleaners in your bathroom, a perfectly placed tension rod is a great place to hang cleaning products from. This can clear up some space at the bottom to store extra toilet paper or cotton swab boxes!


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