Saving Space: Home Remodelling Tips to Maximize a Small Place

Want the appearance of a bigger space? Try some of these home remodelling tips. 

Want the appearance of a bigger space? Try some of these home remodelling tips. 

Size is subjective. For some, 500 square feet is tiny while that same space could be considered cozy to another. Just because the space is low in square footage, doesn't mean it has to be low in liveable space. With a simple home renovation, your home can feel much bigger than it actually is.


1. Get Organized

The quickest way to make a small space look less small is to remove the clutter. Once you remove the piled-up items, you'll instantly notice a difference. Your room and all of the surfaces in it will appear larger.

Pro Tip: When removing clutter, ask yourself, “Is this something I really need?” If it isn't, toss it. Letting go of stuff you don't need is the first step in living a clutter-free life.

small apartment


2. Think Vertical

Homes are full of wasted wall space. Consider installing cabinets and shelves on the walls to help create more storage options. One of the most seriously underutilized spots in a home is the empty space above a doorway. Consider installing shelves there.

If you've got particularly high ceilings, consider renovating your home to add in a loft bedroom. If you've got enough bedrooms already, the loft will make a really great reading nook too.

apartment kitchen


3. Create Hiding Spots

Concealing your items is a great way to keep clutter at bay and keep your small space looking large. Consider adding baskets or lidded boxes to shelving. Ottomans with storage capabilities are another great way to conceal items that are not in use. You can also use curtains to cover up bookshelves or hang across doorways for an even cleaner look.

hidden storage


4. Go Light 

Consider planning an interior renovation to install light-coloured flooring if your current flooring is a darker hue. While rich, dark tones can make a space feel cozier, it also makes the space feel small. Light colours make the room feel airy which gives the illusion of a large space. Don't forget to paint the walls a light colour as well!

light colored flooring


5. Use Large Decorations 

Small decorations look like clutter and instantly cramp the room. Instead, place a few well-positioned larger pieces around the room. They'll give the room a personalized touch without compromising the size of the space.

large decorations


6. Add Mirrors

Mirrors are excellent at making a small space look much larger. They reflect light and brighten up spaces. This effect gives the appearance of a larger space.

mirrors in the bedroom


7. Feature the Right Furniture

Furniture with exposed legs really help increase the size of a small place. Skip choosing boxy chairs or sofas with skirts that actually make the space appear smaller. When the wall is visible behind or below the furniture, it gives off the illusion of more space.    

furniture legs


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