8 Quick Home Improvement Jobs to Prepare for Spring

Before the April showers arrive, home renovation contractors can help replace your old gutters with new efficient ones. 

Before the April showers arrive, home renovation contractors can help replace your old gutters with new efficient ones. 

After a long winter of staying cozy indoors, the thought of the upcoming spring season has many homeowners excited to tackle their spring cleaning list and welcome the warmer weather. However, dusting the window treatments and washing walls aren’t the only home improvement projects that need tending to.

Here’s a list of some items that may not be on your list but should be:


1. Clean the outlet covers.

If scrubbing walls and baseboards are on your spring cleaning to-do list, go ahead and add outlet covers too. It’s best to remove the covers and wash in warm soapy water. And don’t forget to let them dry completely before replacing them.


2. Tackle the gutters.

Once the snow melts off your roof, you’ll be able to get a good look at your gutters. To prepare for all those spring showers, grab a ladder and clean them out. You’ll want to remove as much debris as you can with your hands then remove the rest with a garden hose. While doing this, you’ll also want to make sure they’re draining as they should.

Be sure to take a really good look at your gutter system. These should ideally be replaced every 20 years or at the same time the roof is replaced. If it’s time for new ones, home renovation contractors can help.


3. Service the dryer.

In the wintertime, homeowners find that their laundry appliances work extra hard to keep up with the increased laundry demands. To ensure your dryer is working well and isn’t posing as a fire hazard, the springtime is a great time to really remove the lint from the vents.

First, disconnect the vent from the back and use a dryer brush or vacuum to remove lint build up. Next, head outside and remove the dryer vent cover and repeat the process here as well. Make sure the vent cover flap is able to move freely and isn’t obstructed by little lint clumps.


4. Wash the exterior windows for a quick home improvement job.

Make sure you can watch the snow melting and the green grass growing in its place by cleaning those windows.


5. Check the smoke and CO detectors.

Ideally, the detectors in your home should be checked frequently, but now is a good time to check them and replace the batteries.


6. Clean the faucets and showerheads.

Oftentimes, the aerators on faucets and the showerheads themselves are overlooked when the bathrooms and kitchen are cleaned. Now is a great time to tackle this little extra project. Fill a baggie with equal parts water and vinegar and fasten them directly to the faucet and showerhead. Let them soak for at least an hour then rinse with warm water.


7. Dig out the outdoor furniture.

Before the snow arrived, you likely tucked away the outdoor furniture to protect it until next year. Well, now’s the time to pull it out. Spend a little time cleaning the furniture and setting up the patio. Pretty soon you’ll be able to sit outside and enjoy the warm air again.


8. Replace all of the filters in your home.

Many appliances come with filters and vents that catch impurities and other particles. This can include the water filter on your fridge, the air filter in your range hood, and air vent filters. It’s always a good idea to swap out these filters regularly, but especially important during springtime.


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