Garage Additions: Everything You Need to Know

Building a garage addition is a great way to increase property value and save on car-related expenses. 

Building a garage addition is a great way to increase property value and save on car-related expenses. 

Deciding to build a garage addition is a big choice. How big should it be? Attached? Detached? There are so many things to consider before putting your plan in motion.

Whether you’ve got your dream garage all planned out or are just in the early ‘what if’ stages, here’s a comprehensive list of things to think about:


1. Attached or detached?

If the sole purpose of building a garage addition is to put a roof over your car, then an attached garage is likely your best option. These are typically less expensive and quicker to erect as one wall will already be in place.


2. One car or two?

When drawing up plans for your garage renovation, your builder will need to know how many cars you plan on parking inside. This will determine the size minimum. From there, you can discuss any other uses you may have for your garage. Want some space for a workshop? Or extra shelves for storage? All of these requirements will be taken into consideration when planning out the addition.


3. Is there enough driveway to go around?

Whether you’re building a stand-alone building or adding onto your home, you’ll likely have to consider your driveway. There may be additional charges to consider for pavement or cement.


4. What about a mortgage helper?

Some homeowners love the idea of building a rental suite above the detached garage. These homes, also referred to as carriage homes, are great for bringing in a little extra income. By hiring a professional to take on this project, you can make sure your rental suite aligns with the requirements set out by the city.


5. Do you need additional services?

The idea of increasing space in the home by placing the laundry appliances in the garage is a thought many homeowners have. However, this may require the garage to be heated. You’ll also need to be sure your new structure is plumbed in. If you’re planning on using your new addition as a workshop, you may also want to consider the need for air conditioning.


6. Will you need a permit for your house additions?

Any building or addition that’s more than 10 square metres in size requires a building permit. When you hire a general contractor, they’ll be able to take care of this process on your behalf. For more information on building permits, give our previous post a read: Home Additions vs Accessory Buildings.


7. How much money will I need? 

The cost of building a garage can range drastically based on your needs; however, these factors will definitely need to be considered:

  • Roofing
  • Siding
  • Electrical work
  • Demolition
  • Excavation
  • Foundation work
  • Insulation
  • Framing
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Finishing

From there, the cost of your addition will increase based on anything additional, like building a suite or installing A/C. As a baseline, expect to be spending in the double-digits. A general estimate is around $30-$40+ per square foot.


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