5 Tips for Living Through a Major Home Renovation

Mitigate the stress of living through a home renovation by planning ahead.  

Mitigate the stress of living through a home renovation by planning ahead.  

You’ve been dreaming of the day this home renovation would finally happen. From gutting several rooms in the home to adding an expansion, there’s lots of work to be done. However, somewhere along the way, your ambitions may have overshadowed the reality of the situation. When it comes to living in and through a major renovation, here are five tips for surviving:


1. Plan ahead.

When living in an active construction zone, you’ll have to do without certain areas of your home. This could include your kitchen, your main bathroom, or even your bedroom. You’ll also be sidestepping construction tape and sawdust, tools, and other obstacles you haven’t even considered. 

Before you pull the trigger on your major renovation, do some much-needed planning. Organizing your sleeping arrangements, determining your dining out budget, and addressing any logistical issues now will save you from a lot of frustration in the future.


2. Get ready for the mess.

An active construction area will create a lot of dust and dirt. From muddy boots being worn in the home to drywall dust coating every surface, there’s going to be a lot of debris. Before construction begins, consider moving your furniture and belongings into storage. If that’s not an option, invest in some drop cloths and plastic sheeting and be sure to cover your furniture as best you can.


3. Be selective with your renovation schedule.

If you know your renovation is going to take a couple of months, schedule it during a time you’d normally book a vacation. By spending some time away from the construction site, you’ll be less inconvenienced. Pack up the RV and go camping or book some flights to your favourite destination. 

By spending time away from your house during the home renovation, you’ll avoid dealing with the dust, the noise, the revolving door of tradespeople coming into your home, and the endless amounts of takeout meals. 


4. Be prepared financially.

As soon as a renovation begins, you’ll likely discover right away that it may not always go entirely as planned. While most renovation companies are very capable at determining a budget ahead of time, it can be hard to account for each and every house renovation cost. Things like mold, wood rot, and poorly installed plumbing and electrical may not be obvious until the work begins. By adding a little cushion to your budget, you’ll save yourself stress mid-renovation. 


5. Ask your home modelling contractors a lot of questions.

Prior to your renovation, you’ll want to ask your contractor a lot of questions, but don’t stop once the work begins. As the work gets underway, your contractors will be asking you a lot of questions as well. Keep the lines of communication open throughout the whole process, and you’ll be less likely to find yourself stressed out by the process.


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