4 DIY Home Improvement Jobs Gone Really, Really Wrong

Hiring a home improvement contractor can help avoid costly mistakes.

Hiring a home improvement contractor can help avoid costly mistakes.

When it comes to home improvement, not everyone has the necessary skill to do it. However, many homeowners have tried – and failed – their own versions of a DIY home remodelling project. From botched basement renovations to unstable foundation repairs, these homeowners ran into a few problems along the way. 


1. The Crooked Commode

In one home improvement mishap, a pair of eager homeowners took it upon themselves to plumb in a toilet. However, it wasn't until they installed the toilet that they realized the water lines were installed at a less than 90-degree angle resulting in a slightly off-centre commode. When it comes to renovations, measure, measure, and then measure again.

the crooked commode 

Image courtesy of Tellus Build


2. A Kitchen Conundrum

During one kitchen remodel, the Do-it-yourselfer decided to attach a peninsula-style countertop to the already existing counters. Before attempting the install, the homeowner simply forgot to do a little pre-planning. Once the peninsula was complete, he suddenly realized he wouldn't be able to remove his refrigerator. The peninsula had been built in such a way that it boxed it in. A few words of advice – consider every single scenario before designing and ultimately building. 

Kitchen DIY fail

Image courtesy of Lucas Hall, founder of Landlordology


3. A Wall of a Home Improvement Problem

In one hairy home renovation, the homeowner and his wife decided to knock down a wall between the dining room and the living room. During the first day of a long-weekend reno, the wall, which sat directly beneath the master bedroom, was removed. That night the homeowners went to bed early to get a headstart on the rest of the job early the next morning. The next morning they awoke to find a concave bedroom floor. As it turns out, they had removed a load-bearing wall, and the living room ceiling had sagged roughly six inches!

breaking wall in home


4. An Unstable Support Beam

Some homeowners enjoy taking shortcuts to speed up the renovation process; however, those skipped steps can have dire consequences down the road. In one instance, a DIY-er used multiple shims to support a stabilizer beam under the home, making what resembled a Jenga game. While this may seem convenient, it could become an issue down the road. Instead, the homeowner should have measured and cut one large piece of lumber.

unstable support beam 

Image courtesy of Brian Fish, WIN Home Inspection


For a few tips on how to safely begin a home renovation, check out our previous post: 4 Handy Home Tips: How to Get Started on Any House Remodelling Project. 


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