More Than A Shed: Make A Creative Escape with an Accessory Building

Look to Kelowna accessory building companies to build you the perfect creative escape.

Look to Kelowna accessory building companies to build you the perfect creative escape.

Whether you love to read or write, paint or throw pottery, sew or craft, play music or listen to it, we all need some sort of creative outlet to help us deal with the stresses of everyday life and clear our minds and souls. While many of us would love to retreat to some mountain resort to get our creative juices flowing, there is another way to find the space and solitude at home, and that is to find a space out of your home’s main confines by building an accessory building. Here’s what to consider when building your very own creative space:


Make Sure You’re Allowed to Build

When looking to build a secondary structure on your property, you will need to make sure it will meet your community’s building codes and zoning bylaws. The City of Kelowna and Regional District of the Central Okanagan have rules when it comes to installing secondary dwellings and Kelowna accessory buildings. For example, anyone building residential garages, workshops and sheds over 10m2 require a building permit from the city. In addition, any secondary dwellings built on agricultural land, or adjacent to agricultural land, require a farm protection development permit. 


Look for the Perfect Space

When looking to build a secondary dwelling on your property, you’ll want to consider your lot size and how much of your land you are willing to give up. If you have a smaller lot, you may have to scrap those plans for a vegetable garden. However, you can solve that problem by placing pots and planters around your new dwelling. You’ll also want to make sure the space has no obstructions such as large tree roots before you start building. Other things to consider include whether the space will allow in enough natural light during the day, or if it’s in direct sunlight, which could cause excess heat.


Consider a Multi-Use Dwelling

If you’re a gardener or have kids, you may want to consider what you want the space to entail and what you want it to be used for. Besides being a creative space, outdoor structures can serve a multitude of purposes, including a: 

  • Kids playhouse
  • Greenhouse
  • Private studio
  • Cabana
  • Guest suite
  • Storage space
  • Pool house
  • Detached garage or shop
  • Stable or barn


Look for Design Ideas

Instead of building an ordinary outdoor shed with a DIY kit, make your retreat something special by obtaining design ideas from the professionals. While you can get a basic idea of what you want on such sites as Pinterest and Houzz, in Kelowna why not find a contractor out of local construction companies in Kelowna that are experts in installing accessory dwellings and check their websites for examples of their work.  


Hire Kelowna Builders to Do the Job Right

While an accessory structure is usually considerably smaller than your home, you’ll still want to make sure the job in constructing one is done right. You’ll need to make sure the proper structural foundations are put in place. That’s why you should look for a general contractor who can look after everything from the design and site preparation of the building to its foundation, framing and landscaping. You’ll also want to consider whether you want your retreat to be wired and if you will require plumbing. Your building contractor will be able to explain in full what that will entail.


For more information, read our blog on how to Organize your Property with an Accessory Building.


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