Building Up: When to Consider Second-Level Home Additions

Second-floor home additions are a great way to add extra space without encroaching on your property's lot size or landscaping.

Second-floor home additions are a great way to add extra space without encroaching on your property's lot size or landscaping.

If your family is growing as fast as the city of Kelowna, you may find yourself needing more space. If moving is not a desirable option, there may be another way. Second-level home additions are becoming more common in the city.

The Kelowna home renovations experts at Rafter 4K are here to help. Here, they offer advice on when you should consider building up rather than moving out.


Cost of Moving vs. Home Remodelling

Before you start having the roof ripped off your home, it’s best to get the best advice you can on both a financial and personal perspective. It’s important to weight out whether building a second-level house addition will actually be more affordable than moving. You’ll want to consider the value of your home, what the buyer and seller market is like in Kelowna, what the interest rates are on a loan or mortgage, and realty expenses vs. the cost of inspections, permits, labour, materials, and other buildings costs.


Loving Thy Neighbourhood

Many Kelowna homeowners have found themselves in the scenario where they are perfectly happy with the location and neighbourhood of their home, but they simply lack in space. If your kids have made friends with their neighbours or if you don’t think you could live without the bi-annual block parties and close network of neighbourly friends, then you may want to consider house addition costs over moving.


What’s the Best Fit?

If your lot size is not large enough that you can you expand outward, or if don’t want to disturb your prized garden and landscaping, then a second level may be the answer. A one-story home that gains a second level can attain more “street appeal” as it offers more of a view of your yard and the surrounding area, and can make more of an architectural statement when your home is viewed from the street. It will also likely increase the value of your home, with the additional square footage.


The Privacy Factor

Whether it’s to give a little separation between kids and parents, or if you just need a quiet place to rest from prying eyes, second-level room additions can give you that extra privacy.  You and your home renovation specialist can come up with home addition plans on whether a full or a partial secondary level, such as a loft, will work best for your needs.


Other Things to Consider

Before hiring Kelowna construction companies to start building, it’s important first to find out if your second-floor addition meets local building codes. Some homeowners that want to slightly increase heights above what is allowed can apply for a development variance permit (DVP) from their city or regional council.

You’ll also want to make sure you have the right structural support for your addition. A structural engineer should first inspect your home to make sure the foundation and framing of your existing structure is adequate to hold a second story. Your Kelowna contractors can also come up with solutions to make sure your home is safely structured before any construction of the addition occurs.


Thinking about adding a secondary building on your property? Read our advice on Home Additions vs Accessory Buildings first.


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