Kitchen Renovation Survival Guide

Envisioning the finished product is one way homeowners can cope during a kitchen renovation.

Envisioning the finished product is one way homeowners can cope during a kitchen renovation.

Short-term pain, long-term gain: those are words to live by as you embark on a kitchen renovation. Yes, you are bound to experience some temporary inconveniences throughout this process, but the results are sure to be worth it. 

To help you cope with the ordeal, we’ve come up with some tips for adjusting your daily routine.


Doing Your Dishes

If you’re getting a new dishwasher, or you’re kitchen sink won’t be operational (some Kelowna renovation companies prefer to make the entire kitchen off limits while they work), you’ll need to find an alternate method of cleaning your dishes and kitchenware.

While it might be tempting to dine at restaurants or order takeout for every meal, it’s not a practical option. Here are some more realistic alternatives: 

  • Prepare simple meals that use fewer dishes (sandwiches, cold cuts etc.)
  • Use the utility sink in your laundry room to wash dishes, if available
  • Fill a bucket with hot soapy water and get scrubbing

Single-serving food containers, such as yogurt and fruit cups, will also keep your dishes from piling up. While we don’t necessarily advocate using disposable dishware (i.e. paper plates), you may find it a convenient short-term solution.


Meal Prep and Planning

As mentioned, keeping your meals simple during a kitchen renovation is good practice. Now is not the time to try your hand at baking a chocolate soufflé or piecing together your favourite meal from Chef’s Table. 

Instead, think of meals that don’t require a ton of prep work. For example, there are endless ways to reimagine a traditional English ploughman’s lunch. A charcuterie board with bread and fresh vegetables also provides some straightforward, yet delicious fare, with little mess to clean up.

If your dining area will be out of commission, you could serve meals from a bar cart or butcher block.


Fire up the Barbecue

Outdoor grilling is a way of life in Canada. For some, it’s a year-round pursuit.

While your kitchen is being renovated, you can still crank out some hearty meals on the barbecue, including:

  • Burgers and smokies
  • Steak and ribs
  • Fish
  • Corn on the cob
  • Grilled veggies
  • Garlic bread 

If you have a covered patio area, you can even enjoy your meals outside, even when it’s raining.


Dare to Dream

The important thing to keep in mind is that these renovations are temporary. If you find a contractor who can follow an established timeline, you’ll soon be whipping up meals in your new kitchen. 

In the meantime, it wouldn’t hurt to post an inspiration board somewhere so you can envision what your kitchen will soon look like.


If you’re looking for a little design inspiration, read: 4 Trends in Kitchen Renovations Kelowna Homeowners Will Love.


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