Things to Discuss with Your General Contractor

Talking things through with your contractor will ensure your kitchen renovation turns out just the way you envisioned it would.

Talking things through with your contractor will ensure your kitchen renovation turns out just the way you envisioned it would.

Whether you’re about to tackle a home addition or kitchen renovation, it’s important to make sure you and your general contractor are on the same page. This will help prevent any unwanted surprises and ensure you receive the result you envisioned. 

Here are some key points to cover when discussing a project with your contractor. 


Review Your Proposed Design

Sometimes the design you have in your head doesn’t translate well into real-world application. Kelowna renovation contractors should be able to tell you from their own experience whether your home improvement project is feasible, or whether it requires refinement.

In some instances, your contractor will be able to offer an alternative that not only achieves the same result, but also:

  • Uses a simpler design
  • Costs less to build
  • Takes less time to complete

Don’t be afraid to bounce ideas off of your contractor and see if there are any areas concern or uncertainty. Better yet, ask them for their recommendations. They are the professionals, after all.


Record Your Inspiration While It’s Fresh

It’s hard not to get excited about a home improvement project. You’re likely to think of it at the most random times, such as the middle of the night or while you’re in the shower.

Record these epiphanies while they’re fresh in your mind. Jot them down on a notepad, or make a note in your smartphone, so you can bring them up with your contractor the next time you speak. 

With that in mind, it’s important to establish a convenient way to contact your contractor when they’re offsite:

  • Cell phone
  • Office
  • Text 

Also, find out when they’ll most likely be available to talk.


Establish a Schedule

Your contractor should be able to give you a rough work schedule. This will enable you to vacate your home and avoid a potentially dusty, cluttered, and noisy job site. It will also allow them to work undisturbed.


Seek out Referrals

Let’s say you’ve hired your contractor for a kitchen renovation, but you’re considering other projects that don’t fall within their area of expertise. For instance, you might need some plumbing work done.

If you like the way the kitchen expert works, they can probably recommend someone trustworthy who can manage your plumbing needs.


Think Long Term

A renovation project should stand the test of time. Some big-picture brainstorming will ensure you’re not overlooking something. Points you’ll want to discuss include:

  • How will this renovation look down the road?
  • Are you getting caught up in a fad?
  • Will you be using this space in the same way in five years?
  • Will this renovation address your lifestyle needs?


For more on this, read: Home Renovation Trends Best Avoided.


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