Innovative Kitchen Cabinets in Kelowna

When it comes to cutting-edge kitchen cabinets in Kelowna, customization is the key.

When it comes to cutting-edge kitchen cabinets in Kelowna, customization is the key.

It used to be that if you had drawers and kitchen cabinets in Kelowna with a lazy Suzan, you were on the cutting edge of home design. While these much-loved contraptions still offer an efficient use of space in an otherwise inaccessible corner of the kitchen, there are other innovations that will help you further optimize your kitchen space and aesthetics.


Custom Drawers

If your utensil drawer has one of those flimsy plastic inserts to separate your knives, forks and spoons, you probably know they rarely fit properly, and you often end up with things where they don’t belong anyway.

Imagine an organization system that has built-in compartments for your utensils where you just reach in and grab what you want. Or, instead of having to reach down into a cupboard for your pots and pans, there’s a deep drawer that pulls out the entire shelf, offering you easy access to these items.

Custom drawers can also be built to accommodate:

  • Recycling and garbage bins
  • Canned food
  • Dry goods


Glass-Front Cabinets and Open Shelving

When it comes to the kitchen, Kelowna designers know that too much cabinetry can look a little awkward. Instead of the traditional solid-front cabinets, why not mix it up with some glass-panel cabinets, or ditch your cabinets altogether and go for open shelves. 

This is becoming a popular option for those who want to break up the monotony of having cupboards throughout the entire kitchen. It’s also an opportunity to add a splash of colour to the cabinet interiors. 

Open shelving helps introduce a feeling of spaciousness to a kitchen, as long as they’re not too cluttered. Plus, if you have a set of dishware or other attractive pieces you’re particularly proud of, this is a great way to show them off.


Say Goodbye to Slamming Cupboards

Soft-close hardware is becoming a must-have accessory for kitchen cabinets in Kelowna. This goes double for people with young kids and teenagers, who tend to be a little careless when slamming cupboards and drawers (and doors in general).

These ingenious pieces of hardware ensure your doors and drawers close gently and silently, ensuring:

  • Contents stay where they’re supposed to
  • Youngsters are less likely to pinch their fingers
  • Your drawers and cabinets last longer


Under-cabinet Lighting

Having sufficient lighting in your kitchen workspaces has many benefits:

  • Makes food prep easier
  • Helps prevent accidents
  • Easier to spot dirty areas 

Additionally, it helps improve the overall ambience of the room. LED lighting is becoming very popular for this application, as it lasts a long time, is available in various colours and fixtures.

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