Tiling Ideas for Your Kitchen Renovation

To spruce up the kitchen, Kelowna homeowners will often choose unique backsplash tile options.

To spruce up the kitchen, Kelowna homeowners will often choose unique backsplash tile options.

From passionate home cooks to frequent dinner party hosts to bustling families, the epicentre of daily life revolves around the kitchen. Kelowna homeowners understand this is a place where beauty and functionality meet, and one way to enhance that connection is with a tasteful tile backsplash.

As the name suggests, backsplashes were first introduced into kitchens as a way to keep water, grease and other gooey substances from splashing on the walls behind your kitchen counter. While they may have originally been just a few inches tall and were used in a purely functional manner, many now cover entire walls in a dizzying array of tiling shapes, patterns and textures. Here are some of our favourites…


White Still Works


There’s just something about white tiling that will always stand the test of time. As one of the top Kelowna contractors in the city, we’ve done our share of kitchen renovations and we continue to get calls for simple white tile backsplashes for a number of reasons:

  • Clean design

  • Brightens up any room

  • Balances out vibrant colours

  • Works with pretty much any colour, tone or texture


Stainless Is for More than Just Appliances


Stainless steel appliances have long been the norm for higher-end kitchen appliances, and now they’re becoming a popular option for kitchen tiles, too. If you’re going for a contemporary look in your kitchen, metal tiles are a great way to add sophistication to kitchen renovations in Kelowna. To soften the look somewhat, you can also choose bronze or copper material, or hammered metal tiles.

For more on ways you can modernize your home, read: Kelowna Home Renovations: 3 Ways to Give Your Home a Modern Touch.


All Aboard the Subway 


Subway tiles are very versatile and can be installed in a number of simple patterns to create some stunning visual effects, including:

  • Herringbone (see photo)

  • Offset

  • Crosshatch

  • Straight set

While white remains a popular choice for the reasons mentioned above, we recommend playing around with possible colour schemes to see what might work with your cabinetry and layout.


A Touch of Colour


Sometimes, it’s possible to go too white with a kitchen design. If your countertops, cabinets and appliances are all the same tone, it can come across as overly stark. One way to break that up is by using coloured tiles.

If you’re looking for ways to remodel your kitchen, Kelowna homeowners will tell you that Rafter 4K Contracting is the way to go. Talk to us about your design ideas and we’ll help you make them a reality.


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