Growing Your Home In Spring

A sunroom addition is one of the more popular Kelowna home renovations for people who want to enhance their lifestyle.

A sunroom addition is one of the more popular Kelowna home renovations for people who want to enhance their lifestyle.

She took her sweet time, but Mother Nature finally gave winter the boot so that spring could make an appearance here in the Okanagan. Now that the weather is fantastic and the general contractors in Kelowna are starting to get busy, it’s time to book those home renovation projects you’ve been contemplating.

Most people equate spring with activities like gardening, spring cleaning and, unfortunately, mowing the lawn. It also happens to be a great time of year to start home additions. The question is: which ones are on your priority list? If you’re in need of a little inspiration, here are some possibilities that will breathe new life into your home…


Sunroom Addition

Like many plants, people thrive when they’re outdoors. The problem is it can be a bit chilly in the spring and fall, even when the sun is shining bright. A sunroom is a great solution, as it allows you to soak up the sun, without having to subject yourself to cooler outdoor temperatures.

Other benefits of a sunroom include:

  • Adds openness and visibility to your home
  • Increases property value
  • Cost-effective way to add square footage to your home

For avid gardeners, a sunroom addition also provides a convenient space for starting seedlings and plants before transplanting outdoors.


Add a Garage

Ever wonder why your neighbour’s vehicle always looks so good? It’s probably because she stores it in a heated garage.

Garages are one of the more popular Kelowna home renovations for vehicle owners who want to protect their investment. A new vehicle can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars, so it’s worth storing them in a temperature-controlled environment.

Plus, you’ll thank yourself when you no longer have to trudge out in the blistering cold to scrape your car and pray that it starts!


Home Entertainment Room

If you’re an avid moviegoer, do yourself a favour and calculate how much it costs to treat the family to a show on a regular basis. It can quickly add up when you include snacks, drinks and tickets.

Why not build a quality home theatre room instead? You can get a great cinematic experience by installing:

  • Large projector screens
  • High-end audio systems
  • Comfortable entertainment seating

Most box office movies are available for downloading soon after they leave the theatre, and there are plenty of excellent streaming services such as Netflix for you to enjoy in the meantime. Furthermore, there’s nothing like playing your favourite video games on a big screen. 


For more advice on home additions, read our post: To Reno or Not: Do Research When Hiring General Contractors in Kelowna.


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