Home Renovations Kelowna: Repair the Damage with New Construction

Ceiling damaged? Here are home renovations Kelowna homeowners can do to give their space a new look.

Ceiling damaged? Here are home renovations Kelowna homeowners can do to give their space a new look.

It can be your worst nightmare as a homeowner, but you can gain from major home repairs.  You can solve your existing issues with new construction and the kind of home renovations Kelowna homeowners have done to update their outdoor living space, adding value to their homes. Consider it as a way to shed the tired, old skin of your house with a fresh, new look.


Add to your space

Don’t take it as the end of the world if the electrical wiring in your home needs to be replaced. Instead, think of it as a new opportunity. Maybe you’ve always wanted to take advantage of that southern exposure in your living room by building a sunroom addition? A large home repair job can give you a good excuse to tear down those walls and add to your space. To get started, look for construction companies in Kelowna that can work with your electrical contractor to come up with the best solutions.


If a tree falls...

Damage to a home not only occurs on the inside, it can also happen outside from weather and other elemental causes. If you have to repair your shifting foundation or your roof after that heavy windstorm, it might be a good time to finally get Kelowna deck builders to redesign or create deck the deck you've always wanted. Prevent future issues by using weather resistant materials and coatings. Some ideas to consider include:

  • Waterproof aluminum decking
  • Composite decking
  • Pressure treated lumber
  • Western softwoods such cedar or redwood that are treated with a clear water-repellent preservative and stain


Walk the walk

Fixing up your home can give you the opportunity to not only remodel your home, but also to redesign your outdoor space. Here’s your excuse to apply a new bold colour of paint to your exterior walls and maybe some new moulding and trim to give it that finished look. Why not add a new patio, path, or track lighting that many modern Kelowna homes are having installed these days.



For more information on why home renovation might be the answer to your prayers, read: Kelowna Home Renovations You Can Do In Winter.



Looking for the general contractors Kelowna homeowners trust to do the job right? Rafter 4K Contracting can help, whether it’s a home restoration or renovation project.  We also have more than 25 years of experience in installing Kelowna decks and rails as well as swimming pools.


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