Kelowna Home Renovations You Can Do in Winter

Make your outdoor space, and neighbourhood, happy with these simple Kelowna winter renovations.

Make your outdoor space, and neighbourhood, happy with these simple Kelowna winter renovations.

There is a common misconception that all outdoor home renovations must cease when the snow flies. While that may be true for some exterior projects, it isn’t true for all. In fact, it’s one of the best times to embark on a sprucing project. Here are 4 trends for Kelowna outdoor renovations you can do now to start 2018 with a brand-new look:


1. Deck the pathways

Add curb appeal to your Kelowna home with a newly paved pathway! Winter can be slippery time of year, and not just on the slopes. Use this time to address the issue and smarten up the house. Flagstone and brick are rich in colour, while gravel helps keep the ice at bay. Want to get more bang for your buck? Consider getting in Kelowna deck and patio builders – Hello, summertime!

2. Make your garage a hobby haven

Your garage can be one of the most neglected rooms in your home for redesign, but it’s a room visited by you and your car every day. When redesigning your garage, look for Kelowna contractors to add functionality, address wear and tear, and ensure security. By adding those shelves you can find tools more easily, and a spot of colour will create a warm and more inviting space. The garage is also a great place to spend time on your hobby!

3. Lighten up your outdoor space

Even when it’s not Christmas, the soft glow of you roof line can be a warm touch to the neighbourhood. After Santa and his reindeer have been stored away for the year, lights and fall decorations can add personality to your front or back yard.

4. Set the boundaries

Is your yard fence looking a little tired? Why not look for renovation companies in Kelowna other residents recommend to bring your yard parameters back to life? Think bright colours, natural woods, and modern fixtures. By mixing neutrals with bold colours, you will bring new life to your outdoor living space before winter turns to spring.


If now isn’t the right time for outdoor renovations, read more of our ideas for outdoor retreat spaces this Spring: 4 Ways to Create an Outdoor Retreat Around Your Kelowna Pool.


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