Home for the Holidays: Protect Your Kitchen After Kelowna Home Renovations

Show off your Kelowna home renovations and especially your kitchen over the holidays.

Show off your Kelowna home renovations and especially your kitchen over the holidays.

The kitchen is the central gathering space over the Christmas holidays. Whether it’s your mother who insists on basting the turkey every half hour, the brother-in-law who keeps sneaking sips of your homemade eggnog from the fridge, or the grandkids who constantly climb up to your newly installed kitchen cabinets to sneak a taste of your Christmas baking, there are ways to protect your kitchen after undergoing Kelowna home renovations.


Seal Your Grout

This is an easy step that you can do yourself after general contractors in Kelowna have installed tile floors, backsplashes and/or counters in your kitchen. Grout is used to fill the seams between your tiles. Made from sand, grout is porous, therefore, a sealant should be used to prevent moisture from penetrating the grout and causing it to dissolve over time. Sealant usually needs to be applied 30 days after the tiles have been installed. You’ll need to clean the grout first with a scrub brush and mild bleach solution, and then allow the grout to completely dry before you apply the sealant.


Protect Your Floors

If you’ve had new floors such as hardwood, tile, or laminate installed in your kitchen and dining area, make sure you keep them clean by asking your guests to remove their shoes before they enter your home. Research which products are best to clean your floors with, as some containing ammonia can cause damage to the finish. You should also protect your floors from scratches by applying felt pads under any chairs or table legs. And if you have pets, make sure their nails are clipped to prevent further damage.


Register Your Warranty Items

This is a good idea if you’ve had new appliances, plumbing, fixtures and/or other warrantable items installed as part of your kitchen renovations. First check to see if your renovation contractors in Kelowna have registered any warranties for you, then go through all the cards/paperwork that came with your appliances and send them in to the manufacturer. You can usually do this online to save time and postage.


Install Child Locks

Let’s face it, most kids are curious and love to snoop, and it’s impossible for us to keep an eye on them all the time, especially over the holidays. Your contractor may have already installed the kind of self-closing kitchen cabinets Kelowna homeowners are finding quite popular these days, but it’s also not a bad idea to add some extra protection such as child locks on cabinets and drawers

These can include:

  • Mount adhesive locks
  • Grip latches
  • Under-counter swivel locks
  • Sliding locks


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