5 Key Steps to Winterize Swimming Pools in Kelowna

The time has come to start preparing swimming pools in Kelowna for the cold months of winter.

The time has come to start preparing swimming pools in Kelowna for the cold months of winter.

It’s hard to believe that after such a hot, dry, and smoky summer in the Okanagan that Jack Frost will soon be nipping at our noses.

This is the time of year when we are busy raking up leaves, pruning trees and deadheading blooms, but there is another important step to take in the fall for those who have swimming pools in Kelowna.

Winterizing your pool can save you a bundle on maintenance costs down the line and will make it easier when it comes to opening your pool next spring.


Here are 5 key steps to follow to make sure your pool remains trouble free:


1. Balance your chemicals

It doesn’t hurt to give your pool a final shock treatment before you put it to bed. This will prevent any algae blooms and mold from growing over winter, and less for you to clean up in spring. Special winterizing chemicals are also available and can be purchased from Kelowna pool companies.

You should adjust your chemical levels for:

  • pH
  • Alkalinity
  • Hardness
  • Chlorine, bromine or sodium, depending on the sanitization chemicals you use in your pool


2. Leave water in your pool

This is an important note when it comes to draining your pool: Do not leave it empty! Draining your pool just below the skimmer and jet levels should be sufficient. Your pool can act as a boat, especially when the ground becomes saturated in winter. Leaving your pool completely drained can cause your pool to float out of the ground and this can cause irreparable damage to your liner and the foundation of your pool.


3. Prevent frozen water in your lines

As anyone who has had dealt with a burst pipe knows, frozen water is not your friend. When water freezes, it expands, which can causes pipes to crack and equipment to break.

To prevent lines from freezing, drain water from your:

  • Filter
  • Pump
  • Heater
  • Chlorinator

You should also blow out your lines using either an air compressor or Shop-Vac and then seal them with appropriate sized plugs to prevent any moisture from getting into the system.


4. Cover your pool and store equipment

A tidy and protected pool area makes for a happier time come spring. Not only should you cover your pool to prevent debris from getting into the water, you should consider installing a solid or mesh safety cover to prevent anyone (including wildlife) from falling into your pool and to keep algae from blooming.

Other steps include storing and cleaning your equipment in a temperature-controlled environment (such as a pool house).

This includes:

  • Filters
  • Deck furniture
  • Toys, ladders, slides and diving boards
  • Pool skimmer and cleaners
  • Other equipment


5: Let the professionals help

Let’s face it, handling chemicals, blowing out lines, and draining equipment and water may not be your cup of tea. Hiring pool companies Kelowna trusts to do the work efficiently and properly will save you time and, in the end, money from costly maintenance or repair fees.


For advice on how to get help maintaining your pool, read our blog: 4 Ways Kelowna Contractors Keep Your Pool Looking Like New.


Rafter 4K Contacting are the general contractors Kelowna trusts to install and maintain your pool. We have years of experience to help you put your pool to sleep in time for winter. We can also provide simple tips to help make pools in Kelowna maintenance free. 


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