4 Ways Kelowna Renovation Contractors Keep Your Pool Looking Like New

Kelowna renovation contractors who specialize in pools can help you keep on swimming.

Kelowna renovation contractors who specialize in pools can help you keep on swimming.

A family outdoor pool can be one of the most used and neglected features of your home due the amount of time we Canadians get to use them. But if you are like most Kelowna residents, you can enjoy your pool for longer than the average Canuck, thanks to our long summers in the Okanagan. However, seasonal weather and the elements can also cause wear and tear to pools in Kelowna even with regular maintenance. Whether you need a new liner, a cover, or a full fix-up, Kelowna renovation contractors who specialize in pools can help get you back in the swim of things.


1. Choose your material wisely

There are usually 3 types of pool, which are made from these materials:

  • Cement
  • Fibreglass
  • Vinyl-lined

All three have their advantages and disadvantages. A cement pool is adaptable and can be designed in just about any shape or size. However, cement pools normally need to be renovated every 10 to 20 years, and refinished about every five to seven years, which can be costly. Fibreglass and vinyl-lined pools are easier to maintain and have non-abrasive interiors. However, fibreglass comes in limited designs, while vinyl comes in all shapes and sizes. Trusted pool companies in Kelowna can also easily replace vinyl liners. The liners often come in a variety of patterns, so in addition to protecting your pool, you can give it a brand, new look.


2. Cover when not in use

The type of pool you have can also dictate what kind of maintenance will be required. However, one way to protect your pool when you’re not using it is to have a pool cover installed. This not only keeps the elements at bay, but is also an imperative safety feature if you have small children or pets. While solar and bubble covers retain heat and chemicals, they do not prevent children, pets or wildlife from falling in. Retractable safety covers give you that extra security as they offer a non-penetrable surface to the pool. Reputable Kelowna renovation companies who know pools can help you install a cover on your existing pool or can place one as part of a new pool installation.


3. Close up for winter  

Your pool should last the summer without incident if you apply the right chemicals, keep up with regular cleaning, and maintain your equipment. However, what you do in the off-season is just as important. The pool companies Kelowna recommends can help winterize your pool so that it will remain trouble free throughout the season until you are ready to open it again.


4. Fix or overhaul

If you’ve had your pool for a long time, there will come a time when you have to decide whether you want to repair or replace your pool. Your pool’s water heater, pump or filtration system can easily be replaced, but if you have issues such as liner or deck damage, along with equipment issues, you may want to consider a pool overhaul as part of your Kelowna home renovations. Finding the right company out of renovation companies in Kelowna to help you with your pool, from design to installation, is key. You may decide to add new features, such as an entrance/exit, or add a new pool deck or landscaping to give your pool a brand new look.

For more information, read our blog on Landscaping Tips for the Kind of Pool Kelowna Homeowners Envy.


Rafter 4K Contracting is the renovation company Kelowna trusts for installation of custom vinyl-lined pools, which are known for their versatility, longevity and value. We also offer vinyl liner replacement and renovations, power and safety cover installation, maintenance and equipment repair and replacement, as well as help in opening and closing your pool for the season.


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