Don’t Slip Up: Build an Outdoor Deck Around Your Pool that will Stick

A slip-resistant outdoor deck for your swimming pool can come in many materials, surfaces and colours. 

A slip-resistant outdoor deck for your swimming pool can come in many materials, surfaces and colours. 

There’s a reason lifeguards at public pools are constantly telling kids, and adults, not to run on the deck. Decks can be dangerous, especially when they are wet.


The same rule applies if your home has a pool. Although it’s hard to stop the kids from running and jumping around and into your pool, you can start by having an outdoor deck that is slip resistant.


Here are some ideas for an outdoor deck that will not be slippery when wet and will be weather resistant:


Wood wise:

If you are getting a contractor to build or renovate a wood-based deck, there are a number of products you can use to make sure your deck doesn’t lose its grip and will also protect your deck from any weather woes.

Besides your pool, this can also apply to any outdoor deck to prevent mould, mildew, and moisture.

Products include:

  • Anti-slip decking paint
  • Non-slip varnish
  • Anti-slip decking oils and stains


True grit:

Cement and stone surfaces have natural grip properties, although sealed cement can be rather slippery if it is saturated. To prevent any accidents on this hard surface, you can use a grit product that acts as a sealer coat and provides friction. Silica sand and aluminum oxide beads have also been known to prevent slipping on hard surfaces, but can change the appearance of decorative concrete, so beware when using.


New material matters:

There are other non-slip materials that you can use, besides wood, concrete, brick and stone, when building an outdoor deck around your pool. Most of them are low maintenance and easy to install.

 They include:

  • Vinyl:

    The most popular for above pool decking, vinyl is available in a range of colours and patterns and can also be placed as a thin layer on top of an existing deck. It is low maintenance, takes little time to install, and most importantly, can be textured to prevent slippage.
  • Composite:

    Made of plastic and wood particles, composite decking has a high traction wood grain, which prevents slipping, splintering, and staining. It also looks like wood, and is easy to clean.
  • Aluminum:

    Known to be waterproof, aluminum decking can come with a non-slip coat finish, or have a non-slip paint applied to it. It is also popular for boat decking.
  • PVC:

    Also low maintenance, PVC can take a little longer to install, but it generally outlasts vinyl and aluminum, and can withstand weather daily exposure to sun, wind, and rain. It also maintains its colour longer than other materials and can also come texturized to prevent slipping.


The case for rubber:

It’s not just for tires anymore. Rubber is fast becoming a popular material for an outdoor deck. Known for being used on outdoor tracks as well as underneath public playground equipment, rubber is cushy on the feet as well as slip-resistant and needs little or no maintenance.

Another reason for its popularity is that the decking is made from recycled tires, so the impact on the environment is lessened.

Rubber can also be used as a pour-on surface material for an existing deck to create a resilient, non-skid surface.


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