Why a Poolside Outdoor Deck Is the Ultimate Entertainment Area

Al fresco dining on an outdoor deck is the perfect place for friends and family to reconnect.

Al fresco dining on an outdoor deck is the perfect place for friends and family to reconnect.

At long last, spring is nearly here. You can almost smell those T-bone steaks grilling on your outdoor deck. And it won’t be long before your friends and family come calling for a dip in your backyard swimming pool, too.

Of course, this means you’ll have to start mapping out your summer entertainment schedule. You’re sure to receive a solid queue of visitors looking to make use of your backyard oasis. There’s just something about the combination of pools and decks Kelowna residents can’t pass up.

And why wouldn’t they? When the sun is shining in the Okanagan, there’s no better place to be. And as the host, there’s no better place to entertain than on an outdoor deck right next to the pool.


Al Fresco Dining

There’s something to be said about enjoying a nice meal in the fresh, open air. When the temperature is just right and the sunset looks like a postcard, it’s nice to share an experience with friends.

Add in a refreshing dip in the pool and you have the recipe for a fun-filled evening. Best of all, you didn’t have to go anywhere to enjoy it. Nor did you have to pay inflated costs at a restaurant.

To really enhance the al fresco dining experience, an outdoor kitchen makes meal preparation that much better. They come with a range of options for appliances and amenities, such as:

  • Gas stoves
  • Beer keg dispensers
  • Icemakers
  • Sinks
  • Fridges and freezers
  • Storage


Kid-friendly Fun

If you have children, you’re always going to be on the lookout for activities to keep them occupied. Part of that will invariably involve arranging play dates with their friends. Kelowna pools are the perfect venue for entertaining children when it’s your turn to play host because they:

  • Allow you to keep children in sight
  • Provide a healthy form of exercise
  • Help kids develop an important skill

Furthermore, by keeping the kids outside by the pool, Kelowna parents can prevent the little ones from turning their houses into a bombsite.


Backyard Shangri-La

There are dozens of beautiful parks in Kelowna that are definitely worth a visit. However, with a little planning, you can transform your backyard into a park-like setting that you and your guests can enjoy in complete privacy. That way, all of the creature comforts of home are right at your fingertips.

There are many ways to enhance the beauty of your backyard with landscaping, including:

  • Mulched garden beds
  • Paved walkways
  • Terraced gardens
  • Water features
  • Lighting

To help ward off pesky insects in summer, read our post: 5 Mosquito-repelling Plants for a Pool Kelowna Families Will Enjoy.


If you’re thinking of installing a pool or outdoor deck, talk to Rafter 4K Contracting. With more than 20 years of specialized experience, we’ll help you transform your backyard into your own personal paradise. Give us a call on 1-778-783-1199.


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