Home Renovations? A Storage Rental Offers Big Benefits

If you’re ready to start your home renovation project, consider a storage rental to help streamline the process. 

If you’re ready to start your home renovation project, consider a storage rental to help streamline the process. 

Planning a home renovation project can involve a lot of organization ahead of time. Besides having the work completed, you need to consider the logistics of storing furniture and materials while the work is being performed. Our storage solution experts at Space Centre Storage have stepped up and stepped in when storage solutions are needed, and are here to offer some food for thought during your next renovation project.


Now that you’ve spent a lot of time with your contractor planning out that big (or little) renovation you’ve been dreaming about, it’s time to get to work. Before the first tool is drawn, there are a few important steps you need to consider. From ordering up a portable storage rental to adding the final decoration touches when the job is complete, we’ve got a list of tips that’ll help that renovation project run smoothly.


1. Plan Properly

If you’re working with a contractor, they’ll most likely plan the entire remodel right down to the last detail with you. Besides keeping the renovation within the confines of the budget, you can ensure your design choices are carried out in the exact way you imagined. But there are a few things to think about outside of your contractor’s plans.

  • Storage Solutions – Deciding where to keep your displaced possessions ahead of time will give you peace of mind and keep the job running smoothly and efficiently. Consider either a storage rental unit or a MI-BOX® mobile storage container as a solution for your storage needs.
  • Accommodation Options – If your remodel is going to displace not only your belongings, but your family as well, make sure the place you’re staying at will be available for the entire duration of the job.


2. Remove your Valuables

A renovation project, even if it’s just one area of the house, will affect each room in your home. Remove pictures from the walls and pack away any valuables in a weather-resistant storage rental unit. No matter how clean and organized your contractor may be, you’ll have a better sleep knowing that your favourite items are safely tucked away.


3. Explore the Storage Options 

A renovation of any size will oftentimes have homeowners looking for various storage solutions. Here are just a few scenarios you may find yourself in:

The single room renovation – These renovations are usually simpler than large-scale remodels, but you may still require a secure location to store your belongings. To keep your items safely tucked out of the contractor’s way, a mobile storage container can offer big benefits. These convenient containers can sit right on your property so you can keep an eye on them during the entire duration of the project. These containers are also weather proof, so you can find comfort in the fact that your items are safe from inclement weather.

The complete overhaul – Renovations of this nature usually take some time to complete, and generally displace the family as well as the furniture. In this scenario, a storage unit at a local facility may be a better option than a portable storage container. Since you won’t be staying at your home during the renovation process, there’s no need to keep your belongings on the property.  


If you’re looking for professional contractors to help execute the renovations you’ve been dreaming of, contact Rafter 4K Contracting. From designing to building, we’ll make sure your ideas are realized exactly the way you imagined them.


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