5 Modern Trends for Kitchen Cabinets Kelowna Homeowners Crave

To achieve modern looking kitchen cabinets, Kelowna homeowners often choose ones with flat-panel designs.

To achieve modern looking kitchen cabinets, Kelowna homeowners often choose ones with flat-panel designs.

There has been a noticeable trend towards modern looking kitchens in the past few years. With hardware and finishing materials continuing to evolve, it’s resulting in a new wave of kitchen cabinets Kelowna homeowners are choosing for their remodeling projects.

Along with the modern look comes improved functionality. Kitchen designers are continuously finding news ways to optimize space and make working in the kitchen simple and enjoyable. 

If you’re in need of a little inspiration, here are a few examples of what’s out there.


1. Flat-panel Cabinets

While shaker-style cabinets have long held the distinction of being the most popular choice, people who want to achieve a more modern look are turning to flat-panel cabinets. 

Part of their appeal is that they look great in a variety of finishes, including:

  • High-gloss
  • White, grey or neutral colours
  • Wood veneer (i.e. bamboo) 

These cabinet options work well with other design elements, providing a sense of seamless continuity throughout the kitchen.


2. Slide-out Pantry Drawers

These are an extremely handy option for people with small homes and/or kitchens. Not only do slide-out pantry doors look great, they:

  • Maximize space usage
  • Offer easy access to everything, even items on lower shelves
  • Help you stay organized
  • Can be customized to suit your storage preferences

To properly install this type of equipment, it takes a certain level of expertise. To ensure it’s done right, be sure to find general contractors Kelowna design experts recommend for this type of job.


3. Toe-kick Drawers

Worried you won’t have enough cabinet space in your kitchen? Toe-kick drawers might be just the thing you need. As the name suggests, these slim drawers are located at floor-level, below your base cabinets. Their slim profile means you can only use them for certain items. Given that they’re more difficult to reach, they’re useful for less frequently used items, such as:

  • Extra dishware and baking trays
  • Emergency supplies (candles, batteries etc.)
  • Appliance manuals


4. Horizontal Grain Cabinetry

Whether you use solid wood, veneer or synthetic material, the look of horizontal grain cabinets is certainly eye-catching. When used throughout the entire kitchen, it imparts a unified look that many homeowners find appealing.


5. Pullout Base Cabinets

Similar to the slide-out pantry drawers, installing pullout base cabinet drawers is all about convenience and space utilization in the kitchen. Kelowna homeowners who have mobility issues find these particularly useful. It allows them to access cookware without having to bend over as much.

Plus, if the drawers are tall enough (and sturdy enough), they can be used to store larger items, such as pots and pans, or even stacked dishware.


To learn more about cabinet design options, read our post: 4 Styles of Kitchen Cabinets Kelowna Homeowners Covet.


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