4 Styles of Kitchen Cabinets Kelowna Homeowners Covet

In order to choose the kitchen cabinets Kelowna residents desire, you should first start by determining which styles work with your home design.

In order to choose the kitchen cabinets Kelowna residents desire, you should first start by determining which styles work with your home design.

When it comes to pinpointing the kitchen cabinets Kelowna homeowners like most, it’s difficult to find a definitive answer. The obvious reason for this is that preferences vary across the board. While one person might like the timeless look of a wood-grain shaker design, someone else might covet the commercial look of stainless steel. 

The other variable is the house itself. Some home designs simply lend themselves better to certain types of kitchen cabinets. This could be based on factors such as:

  • Style of the house
  • Available space
  • Type of appliances
  • Kitchen floor plan
  • Surrounding home décor

If you’re considering upgrading to the type of kitchen cabinets Kelowna designers recommend, it’s worth doing some research before consulting with Kelowna renovations contractors. That way, you’ll:

  • Have an idea for a realistic budget
  • Have a better understanding of the options available
  • Be better informed to communicate your ideas

To get you started, here are some of the more popular types of cabinets available.


1. Shaker

The shaker style of cabinet is the most popular on this list, and for good reason. When used properly, the result is a refined kitchen Kelowna designers will admire for its:

  • Simple, clean lines
  • Functionality
  • Classic look

Depending on the materials used, shaker cabinets can also be quite cost effective. Plus, their classic look makes them appropriate for just about any style of home.


2. Flat-Panel

For more of a contemporary look, many homeowners are choosing flat-panel cabinets. They feature a minimalist design that creates a seamless look that works well to homes with modern or contemporary kitchens.

Flat-panel cabinets (also known as slab-door cabinets) work exceptionally well in homes where uniformity is a prerequisite design element. When combined with a suite of matching appliances and countertops, it creates an impressive effect.


3. Beadboard

If ‘cozy cottage’ is the look you’re going for, you can’t really go wrong with beadboard cabinets. Compared to the flat centre panel used in shaker-style cabinets, the panels in these cabinets are made of beadboard. 

Essentially, beadboard comprises a row of wood planks lined up vertically. The resulting indentation between each plank is called a ‘bead.’ It’s similar in appearance to wainscoting.


4. Inset

Inset cabinets have literally been around for ages and are renowned for requiring precise craftsmanship to build them. That’s because the cabinet doors and drawers need to be carefully constructed to fit inside the cabinet face frame openings.

Due to the level of customization and additional hardware required, they tend to be on the higher end of the price scale. However, they will impart a look of sophistication to just about any kitchen.


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