Plan Fall Kitchen Renovations Kelowna Residents Desire Now

Planning ahead is a solid strategy if you want the type of kitchen renovations Kelowna homeowners crave.

Planning ahead is a solid strategy if you want the type of kitchen renovations Kelowna homeowners crave.

Okanagan Lake is warming up, barbecue season is in full effect and that summer weather is finally starting to cooperate. In short, it’s a glorious time of year. The last thing on your mind is those kitchen renovations Kelowna homeowners tend to take on as fall projects. The problem is, this is precisely the time you should be thinking of it.

We understand you’ve got better ways to spend your time in the summer:

  • Camping with the family
  • Boating on Okanagan Lake
  • Entertaining relatives
  • Spending time in the garden 

However, getting a head start on fall renovation season is a good idea if you want to achieve the best result possible. Here’s why:


1. Beat the Rush

Fall is one of the most popular times of year to begin kitchen renovations Kelowna residents use to:

  • Modernize their homes
  • Create a better quality of life for their families
  • Increase property values and marketability

As such, Kelowna contractors tend to be quite busy. If want to secure the renovation contractors Kelowna homeowners recommend, it’s a good idea to book sooner rather than later. By being first in line, you’ll get to choose when the project begins so that it works with your schedule.


2. Beat the Weather

The month of September is an ideal time of year for home renovations of any kind. That’s because:

  • The weather is usually warm and dry
  • The kids are back in school, so the house is empty during the day
  • When necessary, you can still cook on the barbecue while the kitchen is out of commission

Once you get into mid-October and November, temperatures start to drop and the weather is less predictable. Your Kelowna contractors will need to take extra precautions to ensure your home isn’t exposed to the elements, so it’s possible work will progress at a slightly slower pace.


3. Understand Your Vision

By envisioning what you want your kitchen renovation to look like ahead of time, you’ll be in a better position to communicate your ideas with your contractor. You can use this back-and-forth dialogue to:

  • Explore new design ideas
  • Learn what’s possible and what might not work as well
  • Research the best kitchen appliances and features for your lifestyle needs


4. Understand Your Budget

From a financial standpoint, booking a renovation project at the last minute isn’t advisable. Not only are most of the top renovation contractors Kelowna homeowners trust already booked up, you also won’t have a clear idea of how much it will cost.

Planning ahead allows you to determine a project budget. It also gives you extra time to begin setting money aside so you’re not stretched too thin financially.

Along with kitchens, bathrooms are the most popular room in the house for renovations. If a bathroom upgrade is also on your to-do list, check out our post: 4 Tips for Bathroom Renovations that Enhance Functionality and Appeal.


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