6 Upgrades to Enhance Kelowna Pools When You Remodel

When people remodel their Kelowna pools, it’s an opportune time to consider extra add-ons such as hot tubs.

When people remodel their Kelowna pools, it’s an opportune time to consider extra add-ons such as hot tubs.

Is it time to update your pool? Rather than simply replacing the liner, perhaps you’re considering other ways to enhance the look and functionality of your pool area. There are many possibilities when it comes to adding extra features when remodeling Kelowna pools

Even a slight improvement can further customize your backyard environment, which can:

  • Increase your enjoyment of the pool area
  • Add value to your home
  • Enhance the beauty of your landscaping

1. Water Features

For homeowners who want to add both a visual and audible component to their Kelowna pools, water features are a fantastic option. The soothing sounds and eye-catching glimmer of water as it ripples down a small stream is almost hypnotic.

Some Kelowna construction companies can even create waterfalls using natural rock that cascade directly into your pool. Not only does this add a focal point for visitors, it provides a source of fun where people can splash and play.

2. Fountain Bubblers

Fountain bubblers are a favourite among kids, who gleefully amuse themselves around these geyser-like features.

3. Slides

For homeowners with families, a waterslide is a terrific way to boost the entertainment factor for your pool. Obviously, safety needs to be taken into consideration when installing a slide. This will depend a lot on the pool’s: 

  • Size
  • Depth
  • Layout

In many cities, local building codes are in place to ensure safety guidelines are met. You may also be required to have qualified Kelowna construction companies complete the installation.

4. Sunroom

If you’re looking for a place to warm up after a refreshing dip, a sunroom addition on the side of your house will do the trick. They also provide a cozy place to keep a watchful eye on your little ones as they play in the water.

5. Hot Tub

For those times when you just want to relax, it’s hard to beat a soothing soak in your own hot tub. They’re one of the most logical add-ons for Kelowna pools because you can use them to:

  • Warm up after a dip in the pool
  • Relieve joint and muscle pain
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase wellness

Best of all, stand-alone hot tubs can be used year-round in the Okanagan, which makes them perfect after a day on the ski hill.

6. Lighting

An effective lighting setup can greatly enhance your pool’s appearance at night, adding an alluring mystique to your backyard.

When planning your lighting, it’s a good idea to take into account the: 

  • Pool’s shape and interior finish
  • Surrounding landscape
  • Key features 

In addition to adding submerged lighting to the pool itself, you could also consider:

  • Moonlighting from the trees above
  • Pathway lighting to improve safety
  • Uplighting to highlight key landscape features

Once you have your ideal backyard setup as your personal Okanagan paradise, you might ask yourself: Why Vacation Anywhere Else?


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