Why Vacation Anywhere Else?

Imagine a vacation from home with your beautiful, refreshing pool!

Imagine a vacation from home with your beautiful, refreshing pool!

Summer is almost in full swing, which means that you should be enjoying every moment of sun possible! Has the beautiful Okanagan weather we’ve been getting left you imagining summer barbeques, family meals on the patio, and diving into the refreshing water of your pool? It sure has us imagining what we can do to make your dream backyard a reality this summer.

Why vacation anywhere other than your own backyard; there’s no need to pack, fight traffic, and elbow through the summer crowds. The backyard has become the choice place for everything from entertaining guests to becoming your own personal getaway – why would you need a vacation when your own backyard feels like one! Pools, hot tubs, and a spacious deck or patio are part of what make any back yard great, but there are so many possibilities for your backyard that the only thing limiting you is your imagination.

Enjoying a meal in the evening sun is one of the simple pleasures of living in the Okanagan, but you don’t have to just enjoy your meal outside anymore. Instead of running from the kitchen to outside and back again, an outdoor kitchen offers you food prep, cooking, mingling with guests, and the ability to enjoy the day all at once.

A basic outdoor set up includes a grill, counter space, and a dining or seating area but the options for outdoor kitchens are endless. Stainless steel grills are popular, to give steaks that smoky taste, along with refrigerators, sinks hooked up to both hot and cold running water, wine coolers, and even stone pizza ovens , allowing for the full kitchen experience in an outdoor setting.

Ending a day off right is something that can only be done with the right deck or patio environment, one that is comfortable, spacious, and suited to your lifestyle. Decks and patios can be an endless variety of shapes to fit your backyard and have different options for materials they can be built out of, including wood, concrete, and vinyl.

Patios can include patio covers , half walls, plants, and pergolas to add an element of privacy, and you can include an outdoor fireplace or heater to add comfort to the cooler spring, fall, and even Okanagan winter evenings. Decks have also have a variety of options that can be included to give you a break from the sun’s constant glare and allow you to stand on your deck without burning your feet. Not only can they have a sun-room or awning added, but also pergolas and shade sails are options that can be built to your specifications.

If a backyard oasis is something you have always dreamed of for your home don’t think it’s too late to start planning. The summer months fly by quickly enough as it is, so don’t waste a moment of them hiding from the heat or in the kitchen – unless it is an outdoor kitchen of course!


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