Home Renovations Kelowna: Why Fall is a Good Time to Renovate

There are good reasons to get home renovations in Kelowna done in the fall.

There are good reasons to get home renovations in Kelowna done in the fall.

It’s not uncommon to see houses wrapped in paper, boxes of shingles sitting on roofs, and construction waste bins on people’s lawns during the spring months.

The winter thaw tends to get residents in gear to start home renovations in Kelowna neighbourhoods. And when one household starts renovating, others often follow.

But why does it always have to be spring? There are reasons to organize and conduct your home renovations when the leaves start to fall.


Here are 5 reasons why:


1.    It’s the most colourful time of the year

Actually, let’s make that “cooler” time of the year. The weather plays an important factor in construction, especially when you are undergoing exterior renovations. Extreme cold can slow down productivity by Kelowna construction companies installing foundations or doing tile or siding work as materials such as cement, mortar and grout don’t set properly. Hot and dry conditions can also cause problems to building materials with the lack of moisture, and also causes discomfort to workers, while rain can dampen roofing as well as flood excavating projects.


2.    Rise and shine

There is a saying in construction circles that the early bird gets the worm. Although fall tends to see shorter days, the mornings tend to start earlier with more light available. This allows Kelowna contractors to get to their job sites earlier and do the less noisy planning work before 8 a.m., when most municipal bylaws allow for equipment noise.


3.    Time is on your side

Kelowna is a busy place for residential construction and home renovations, mostly due to the fact that it’s one of the fastest growing cities in Canada and the demand for housing is high. Contractor schedules have to be considered. Often there is not enough time available for construction companies to meet the demand for jobs in the spring and summer months. That’s why it is not a bad idea to hire your contractor for Kelowna home renovations in the off-season, as they will likely have more time for you.


4.    The kids are in school

Let’s face it. A home renovation can cause major disruption on your home life, especially if you are a family with young children. Having a bathroom out of order or a kitchen ripped up can make everyone feel a tad displaced and this disruption can be even harder if the kids are home for Spring Break, Christmas or summer holidays. Fall tends to see kids back at school without any major breaks, save for Thanksgiving, so that more work can be done during the day, causing less interruptions and making for a happier home.


5.    Home for the holidays

There’s no better way to spruce up a home for the holidays than a kitchen or bathroom renovation. Undergoing an interior remodelling project in the fall can ensure that you are ready to host visitors, dinner parties and other gatherings in your home before the snow falls.


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