Views On High: Make Your Outdoor Space Stand Up with an Outdoor Deck

Outdoor decks on Kelowna homes can be raised for maximum viewing pleasure.

Outdoor decks on Kelowna homes can be raised for maximum viewing pleasure.

“A flat, floored, roofless area adjoining a house.” The Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition of a deck may not sound very glamorous, but there are many ways to make an outdoor deck stand up from the ordinary. One idea is to give your deck some height.

Popular in the Okanagan and especially in Kelowna, raised or multi-levelled outdoor decks enhance your outdoor space by providing unobstructed views of your pool and yard. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they provide a unique design element by serving a number of purposes (outdoor spa, anyone?) and can boost property values.


Far from Flat

A raised deck or multi-levelled deck can not only serve as an outdoor dining area and/or space for barbecuing, it can also serve as an unobstructed viewing area, where you can bird watch and watch the sunset. Kelowna deck builders can design your deck to give you extra privacy, a space to take that catnap or sink into that new novel. Decks can also be designed to overlook your swimming pool for added safety, or to provide a garden space using planters. A space can even be designed on your deck for an above-ground pool or hot tub.


Making the Connection

A Kelowna deck and rail installer will first want to make sure you have a solid base for your your deck. Decks of a certain height will likely require foundation posts, a railing system for safety, as well as accessibility such as stairs.

A multi-level deck can be built from the ground up to give a tiered effect. These kinds of deck systems can be helpful in providing a usable space in a sloped yard, and can be connected via a stairway or a ramped path.


Personal touches

Besides getting the most out of your view, a raised or levelled deck attached to your home can easily be covered, providing much-needed shade on those hazy, hot days of summer. One idea is add a slatted roof pergola, which has open sides. That way you get the protection from above, but can still enjoy the outdoors. Another popular feature is to add a solid roof to your deck. Construction companies in Kelowna have designed these decks with numerous bells and whistles that include automated ceiling fans, heaters and lighting systems. 

Other covered deck ideas include:

  • Shade sails or canopy
  • Awning or patio cover
  • Gazebo
  • Screened porch
  • Sunroom

Looking for more ideas to enhance your outdoor space. Read our blog on How Kelowna Contractors Can Help Build Your Ideal Deck.


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