Designs for Kelowna Pools: Making The Most of Nature

Shrubs and hedges, rocks and flowering plants around Kelowna pools add colour, shade and privacy.

Shrubs and hedges, rocks and flowering plants around Kelowna pools add colour, shade and privacy.

In the long hot days of summer in Kelowna, pools are truly a cool and refreshing escape. There’s also something about hearing the sound of children laughing, or the smell of the barbecue being fired up, or the sight of trees bearing fruit that puts many Central Okanagan residents in a happy state of mind.

Adding to that enjoyment is the type of gardens and landscaping that can be found around your pool. The possibilities here are endless.

A landscape designer and a contractor that specializes in swimming pools in Kelowna can help you get started:


Add splashes of colour:

Adding ornamental grasses, cactus, and other flowering plants in either beds or pots around your swimming pool deck gives a pop of colour, texture, and scent.

Look for plants and flowers that are hardy and can withstand being splashed or sprayed by chlorinated water. Also consider which varieties can handle the full sun of an Okanagan summer and can help repel those pesky mosquitos when they come out at dusk.

Good plants that grow well in the dry heat of the Okanagan and around pools in Kelowna include:

  • Heat and drought tolerant varieties such as hosta plantaginea, geraniums, petunias, coneflowers (Echinacea), verbena and red and blue sage.
  • Succulents such as echeveria, aeonium, sempervivum (hen and chicks) and various sedums
  • Mosquito repelling plants such as lavender, marigold, lemon balm, citronella and catnip


Add some shade:

Trees, shrubs and hedges that sit back from your pool deck are a great way to add some shade and privacy. Look for smaller, hardier varieties that won’t lose their leaves or spines when the wind blows as to clog your pool’s drain.

Some ideas include:

  • Banana trees
  • Juniper
  • Boxwood
  • Broadleaf evergreens
  • Ornamental trees


Add some rocks:

Rock gardens and stone features can be designed in all manner of artistic ways as well as add some serenity and a natural looking environment to your swimming pool. The rocks should be well placed in the ground and be smoothed of jagged edges as to avoid any flesh-piercing accidents. Make sure to clear out all the grass and weeds in between and underneath the rocks as to not disrupt the look.


For more ideas, read our blog: Landscaping Tips for the Kind of Pool Kelowna Homeowners Envy.


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